6 Activities To Do With Your Pug

6 Activities To Do With Your Pug

Most people find time for date night or a family outing with the kids, but your pugs need love too.  Building that strong bond with your pug, especially if he or she is still a puppy, takes a lot of work. Pugs are the kind of breed that needs a constant source of affection. While at times you may think your pug is clingier than an ex, a pug’s love is unmatched so treat the little guy really well he deserves it! Here are 6 activities to do with your pug:

Pug Meet-Up:  Pugs are really social. Bringing them to a pug meet-up will allow them to become used to other dogs. This will help prevent them from barking at other dogs while the two of you go for your evening walks. It also gives you an opportunity to learn from other pug owners so that you could give your pug the best care possible. To find a pug meet-up, you can either Google pug meet up and your city or you can browse meetup.com to find one nearby. Don’t forget that there are annual dog events such as Woofstock where you and your pug can have a fun day together in the great outdoors.

Daily Walks for Pug Exercise: While some owners may let their pug play in the backyard, a great pug owner takes his or her pug on walks every day of the week – snow, rain or shine. You may even have a bottle of water on hand in case your little pup gets thirsty on her walk. Since pugs are known for being the chubsters in the dog world, doing interval training with your dog can keep him in top shape. Walk for a bit, then run for a bit, then jog, then walk, etc. Mix it up so that your pug really gets in some solid exercise. Follow your pugs lead, if she’s panting too hard, slow down and hydrate.

Play Fetch: Every pug loves fetch. You may need to train him to give the ball back though so you can continue playing. This helps your pug get some exercise and it fine tunes your curve ball too! You can chase your pug around in the backyard and make it like a game of tag if you want to do more than throw balls. Your pug will love you for it.

Couch Cuddles: After your daily exercise, there’s nothing better than chilling on the couch watching Netflix with your pug by your side. You can talk to your pug throughout the show and ask questions like ‘Can you believe he did that?’ or ‘Did you expect that ending?’ and treat them like you would a human friend. They might not respond to you  in a way that you’d understand but at least they’ll listen. You can wrap your arm around your pug or have him sit on your lap during your show or movie. With a pug, you’ll always have a cuddle buddy.

Pool Time: If you have a kid’s pool laying around in the garage, fill it up with water and let your pug splash around. You can put water toys in for your pug to play with. Feel free to splash around with your pug. This is a great activity to do if it’s a particularly hot day outside and you’re afraid your pug will overheat if he goes for a walk.

Dress Up: If your pug allows you to do so, you can play dress up with your pug. You can treat your pug like a celebrity pug and have him or her dress in different costumes. You can do a pug photoshoot with him and create videos of the silly things your pug constantly does. It can be a fun experience and your pug will enjoy the quality time.

Hope you enjoyed this list of pug activities.

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