12 Great Ways to Celebrate your Pug’s Birthday

12 Great Ways to Celebrate your Pug’s Birthday

If you’re planning on celebrating your pug’s birthday, some people will tell you you’re crazy. But who cares? Pugs are family after all. What kind of pug mom or dad would you be if you didn’t celebrate your little fur baby’s special day. Remember this day only comes around only once a year and pugs don’t live nearly as long as humans. You need to ensure that you’re providing a happy and memorable day for them to enjoy because they do that for you every day of the year. Here are 12 great ways to celebrate your pug’s birthday:

Invite your Pug’s Friends – When it comes to the guest list make sure that your pug gets along with other guests. You don’t want any pet at the party to get bit or attacked by another dog. If your pug regularly plays with other pugs or breeds invite those specifically. If you regularly go to pug meetups, feel free to invite some of the pugs that usually play with him. You want it to be a carefree day so avoid bringing yappy or troublesome pups.


Give them Room to Play – Just as a kid’s birthday party would require ample space, a pug’s birthday requires enough room for them to run around in. You can host the party in your backyard or dog park. If you choose to do it in your backyard it’ll be a bit easier to manage as odds are, they won’t try to escape as they’re fenced in. However, with a dog park party you’ll need to ensure that all dogs are safe, nearby and away from uninvited strangers.

Have Dog Friendly Activities – What’s a birthday party without games and activities? You can fill up a kiddie pool with water for the dogs to splash in (make sure it isn’t deep as you don’t want any dogs to drown). You can also have a ball pit where your pug and friends can run around inside of it having the time of their lives. They seriously love ball bits. You can also hide little treats around the yard that they can nibble on if they find it. You also want to have some toys accessible for the dogs to play with. You might want to keep your pug’s favorite toy away for the day just so he doesn’t get jealous of someone else playing with it.

Get a Dog Friendly Snacks – A birthday party has to have snacks so be sure to provide your doggy guests a gourmet meal. You can buy doggy treats. You can also purchase pupcakes from your local pet bakery which are cupcakes that dogs can eat. You can also bake a special dog friendly birthday cake for the furry friends to enjoy. Don’t forget to lay some bowls of water out for everyone to drink when they’re thirsty. If you see a lot of running and movement you’ll want to ensure you have enough water laid out at all times.

Make it Picture Perfect – They’re not just pugs, they’re family. Remember to capture the moment by taking pictures and videos of their special day. They may not understand that you’re taking a selfie with them. However, you’ll be able to treasure a happy day for the rest of your life. One day when your pug is no longer around, you’ll look through old photos and videos and smile. You’ll be so happy that you took pictures of someone you care so much.


Give Loot Bags to All Dogs – At children’s parties, kids get loot bags. Why not carry on the tradition by giving loot bags to the dogs in attendance? You can give each dog a tennis ball with a few treats in his bag as a takeaway gift. It’s a thoughtful gesture that’s quite simple in nature. You can give their owners some food to take home with them.

Decorate – Treat a pug’s birthday similar to a kid’s birthday and ensure you decorate the place. You can have pug balloons around and a few regular ones. Be sure to be attentive to any balloon pops as you want to ensure that dogs don’t choke on them. Or have an adult supervise while the dogs  play with a balloon together. You can also decorate with streamers or toilet paper. Your pug will love this. Pugs have an odd obsession to toilet paper. You can even leave a solitary roll for the birthday boy or girl to play with in the yard just this once. As long as you don’t let them play with it in the bathroom, you shouldn’t have too many issues with them thinking they could do it inside the house.

Give Him Presents – What’s a birthday without presents? Wrap up presents for your pug and have him or her help unwrap them. You can get your pug new treats, toys or other gifts you think your pug would enjoy. It’s about celebrating him or her on their special day.

Have Costumes – Costumes can kick up a party to make it fun for all guests. You can have a few dog costumes for people to dress their dogs in and take pictures with. Obviously, you should have at least one picture of all the furry guests wearing birthday hats with the birthday boy or girl. You can have your female pug wear an it’s my birthday crown.  You can have feather boas which will instantly make dogs look fabulous. Make sure they don’t eat it though.

Take Your Pug to a Local Pet Store - On your pug’s birthday take him or her to the pet store. You’ll want to have your pug groomed. Maybe a nice hair cut, a nail trim and a nice massage. They’ll feel so relaxed and happy once it’s done. After they’re looking their best, you might want to pick up some toys. Let them go around the store testing and choosing things they like. Are they in love with a soft new bed are they enamoured with a new toy? Whatever it is let your pug have it, it’s his or her birthday, it only comes around once a year.

Have Adult Supervision on All Dogs – When hosting a birthday for your pug, make sure you have one guest responsible for watching over the dogs carefully. You’ll want to make sure the gates are locked. You’ll want that person to clean up after the dog’s so that guests and other dogs don’t walk on poop. You’ll need to make sure that the person keeps all dogs safe. Tell all guests to watch over their dog as well so there’s more than one set of eyes on the dogs. Be mindful of potential choking or drowning (if you have a pool).

Have Some One on One Time – After the guests leave your pug’s birthday party, spend some one on one time with your pug. The two of you can cuddle up on the couch while you give your pug a relaxing massage. Gently stroke your pug until he falls asleep. Don’t forget to put him in his bed after so he can have a comfortable night’s rest.

Don’t forget to wish your pug a Happy Birthday from Royal Pugs!



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