12 Signs You’re the Best Pug Dad

12 Signs You’re the Best Pug Dad

There’s a special place in every pug’s heart for their pug dad. While pug moms often get high praises for treating their little puggies right, we know that pug dads spoil their little rascals too. This blog post is for every great pug dad who puts their pug above else. Here are a few signs that you’re the best pug dad around:

You rock pug dad products– Everywhere you go you rock the pug dad gear. On daily walks, you’re wearing a pug dad shirt to let everyone around know that you’re a pug dad and not just a dog walker. You also have a pug dad mug that you drink your morning coffee out of every day in the office to let your coworkers know that you’re a pug dad.  You even have a pug dad phone case because let’s be honest you’re pretty proud of your pug dad title. Being a pug dad is engrained in your lifestyle because pugs aren’t just some pet to you so keep flaunting your pug dad status because everyone is jealous. You've probably even scoped out our pug dad collection.

You’re their protector – Your pug’s safety comes first. While you go for walks with the pug, you keep them away from scrappy dogs who could potentially attack or bite your friendly little pug. You’ve taken them to puppy school so that they can learn to defend themselves as well. You might have even installed one of those pet security cameras so that you can check in on your pug during the day when you’re off at work. Every now and then you might roughhouse with them just to train them to be strong in case someone ever breaks in. As a concerned pug dad, you constantly keep your eye out on them when they play in the yard to ensure wild animals don’t attack and to ensure they don’t escape. You’ve probably even taught your pug not to cross the street without you so that they never get hit by a car.

You take pictures of them – The best pug dads are proud parents of their little bundles of joy. So it’s not too surprising to find that pug dads are great pug photographers. They tend to capture every big and little moment in their pug’s life. They first day they meet their pup they take pictures to start up the Instagram account. On the first ride home, they make sure there’s a video of their little pug getting their first drive home. The day their pug graduates from puppy school, they take a picture and video of their little pug dressed up. When a pug dad gets married, they make sure that their pug is a big part of their day, making it a priority for their first family photo together as a married pug dad.

You take them on adventures – Many people have bucket lists. However, the best pug dads make sure their pug is a part of their big life moments. Maybe you’ve brought your pug skydiving. Maybe your pug is a big part of a camping trip, going with you on your morning hike or hanging out with you by the lake.  You likely have been on a road trip with your pug even if it’s just outside the city or towards the cottage. You’re the type of pug dad to use a GoPro to record awesome videos of your pug living life to the fullest. Today your pug is a skater, tomorrow he’s a surfer. But no matter what life throws your way, the two of you are ready for the adventure up ahead.

You sneak them their favorite foods – While you make sure that your pug only eats food that he can digest and isn’t allergic to, you have the tendency to sneak some peanut butter or chicken in his direction when no one is looking. You know it makes your pug really happy and you usually hate playing bad cop anyway. A little extra treat every now and then never hurt. Besides, watching your pug jump up and down enthusiastically makes it worth it – every single time.

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You let them sleep in the bed – When you first got your pug puppy, you said there would be absolutely no chance of the pug ever sleeping in the bed. You firmly stated that the little rascal had to stay in his crate and be properly trained. However, sometime after the complete destruction of blankets and socks, you gave in. Now, you find yourself tossing and turning when your pug isn’t in bed with you which results in you waking your pug up in the middle of the night and bringing him to bed so you two can cuddle together. Don’t act like you don’t cuddle your pug, we know your secret!


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You carry them when they’re lazy – Before you got a pug, you’d make fun of people who’d carry their pets while out on walks. You thought people were crazy for putting their pets in their purse to run errands. And then you got a pug. While it’s not a daily occurrence, there have been times when your pug started panting heavier than usual which resulted in you picking the little guy up and going home immediately to give him water. It’s true that pugs can get overheated pretty quickly but you likely finding yourself carrying your pug in your arms before your daily walk is over on a pretty regular basis.

You play fight with them – While you would obviously never physically hurt them, you tend to play fight with them every now and then. You’ll chase them around the house yelling, ‘I’m gonna get you,’ only to grab them and give them a million kisses as they try to break free from your arms. All you want in life is to make sure your pug is safe and able to defend himself from other animals and strangers. If you have multiple pugs, you might tell your weaker pug to ‘go get him’ so that it learns to stand up for himself. But at the same time, you always step in when the roughhousing becomes too much and will discipline your pugs if they bite or injure each other. You can’t stand to see your babies get hurt.

when dad wants to take videos but u hear mum open the treat jar

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You’re the good cop – In the early days, you and your partner designated the good cop bad cop title to one another to ensure that your pugs get both love & affection and discipline when needed. In the beginning you might’ve said that you wouldn’t let anything get past you. However, as soon as your pug came home on the first day, you became the good cop instead. You spend the first night cuddling with your pug on the floor so that he wouldn’t be so scared. You spent every spare second playing with him. You cuddled him on the couch while watching your favorite movies together.

You teach them new tricks—The best pug dads recognize the importance of self-development. So you regularly teach your pug new tricks so that no pug could ever be as awesome as yours. You want your little pug to go viral for something cool or badass. You two spend hours perfecting tricks to impress everyone who comes over. No one can communicate to their pet better than you and your pug.

You bring your pug to work – You deliberately applied to dog friendly offices so that you could spend more time with your pug. You became so accustomed to your pug sitting in your lap, while you’re on your laptop at home that you forgot how to function without his presence. As a result, you went out there and applied to every dog friendly office in your field so that take your pug to work day is a daily routine. You and your pug are officially inseparable.

You do whatever it takes to make them happy – Your pug is one of the most important ‘people’ in your life. They’ve been there with you from day one. You’ve watched them grow. You’ve laughed together. You’ve created some great memories too. It makes you happy just seeing your pug happy, wagging his little round tail everywhere he goes with his tongue sticking outside his mouth. So if most of the items on this list ring true for you, chances are you’re the best pug dad around.



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