12 Things You Should Know About Dating a Pug Lover

12 Things You Should Know About Dating a Pug Lover

Finding the right person to date can be a challenge. You’ll date some jerks along the way. However, I recently figured out why my current relationship has lasted so long, it’s because my boyfriend is obsessed with pugs. Now I know what you’re thinking, what’s the relationship between being a pug lover and being a good boyfriend or girlfriend? This article details 12 things you should know about dating a pug lover. And you’ll quickly figure out why pug lovers are the best people to date.

We’re affectionate – Pugs are one of the most affectionate breeds around, as a result, pug owners regularly show affection to their furry friends and partners. Cuddles on the couch are a part of the daily routine. It’s pretty much expected that you’ll join in on the cuddle fun too. So if your new boyfriend or girlfriend’s pug cuddles up to you, you’ll be required to show them some tender love and care. If you’re not normally an affectionate person, don’t worry, with a pug you’ll learn pretty quickly how to show affection in a way that they’ll appreciate.


We’re patient – If you’re an impatient person, get a pug and you’ll learn the patience virtue. From torn up clothing to their sniffing of every single tiny area, you’ll need to master the art of patience in order to be a successful pug owner. By dating someone who already owns a pug, they likely have already mastered this so when the relationship gets a bit bumpy, they’ll be more likely to stay calm and focus on resolving the issue rather than blowing it up to make it worse. Mistakes, bad days and small annoyances happen, but we’re willing to work it out in the early stages so that we can all live in harmony.


Our pugs are family – No, it’s not just a pet. Our pugs are our family. Through thick and thin we’re standing by their side. People change, pugs do not. People cheat, pugs do not. People ignore, pugs do not. People hate, pugs do not. Why would we ever abandon or disrespect the one family member who has stood by our side during life’s adventures, the highs and the lows. Before you dated us, our pugs helped us heal through break-ups. And if you break our hearts, our pugs will still love us. Our best memories and moments have been shared with our pugs. Treat our pugs with the respect they deserve, because they love us as much as you do.


We’re active – Being a pug mom or pug dad requires that we stay active so that our pugs stay healthy. Daily walks are the bare minimum of our active lifestyle. We’ll play with them outside. We bring them on our adventures. If we like surfing, we’ll teach our pug to surf with us. I we like snowboarding, we’ll teach our pug to snowboard with us. When we swim, our pugs swim alongside us. Wherever our adventure takes us, that’s where you’ll find me and the pugs. So if you’ve been looking for someone who can take athleticism to the next level, you’ve met your match.


We’re morning people – Back before we had a pug we’ll sleep in, and on some lazy Sundays we’ll stay in bed a little later. However, most mornings we’ll be the first ones out of bed. With a pug waking you up in the morning to take him outside to use the washroom, we have very little choice in whether or not we’re morning people. Before our workdays, we’ll take our little pug for a quick stroll and if we’re really lucky it’ll be a stroll to our dog friendly office. So if you’re an early riser, you’ll love the fact that the coffee is being made as you wake up.


We sleep best to the sound of snoring – There was once a time, when snoring kept us up at night. However, with our pugs constantly snoring – and loudly at that, we’ve eventually learned to sleep with it. On nights when our pugs to sleep in another room, we toss and turn until we finally get out of bed and grab our furry friend so we can fall asleep. What some find annoying, we consider white noise.


Our pug is first on the list – When it comes to priorities you’ll always be second best. Pugs are the most loyal family member we have so we put them above everything. If the pug is sick, all of our plans that day will be cancelled. If our pug wants to cuddle during our private time, then the pug is getting cuddled. If the pug needs to go to the washroom, we’re gonna step out for a quick walk (you can join, of course). Whatever the pug wants, the pug gets. He’s a royal descendant, you know!


We’re committed – Being a pug owner is a full-time responsibility. We made a long-term commitment to care for and love our pug. So commitment doesn’t scare us easily. You want something serious, no problem. We’re loyal to those we love and with hearts our size, our love is worth having. We will do whatever it takes to show love, affection and respect to our inner circle and lucky for you, you’re in it now.


We’re forgiving – As long as you don’t betray us, we tend to forgive quite easily. It’s pretty hard to top the damage the pug has done over the years. We know what it’s like to come home to all of our clothes ripped into pieces. We know what it’s like to find poop on our brand new carpet. We know what it’s like to walk into the washroom to see toilet paper all over the floor instead of on the roll. We’ve seen some messed up stuff. So in reality, when you do something wrong, we’ve probably seen and been through worse. Just make sure you practice the puppy dog look when you apologize, we’re weak to it.

You’re going to get tagged in a lot of pictures – Our pug obsession is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. We know who the coolest pugs are right now. We follow the best pug accounts on social media. We are going to tag you in a lot of adorable pug pictures. Don’t worry, you’ll be brainwashed to love them in a very short period (it’s basic psychology – theory of familiarity!). Eventually, you’ll learn which pug videos and pictures we’ll find adorable and that’ll be when we really start to bond.  Pugs are a passion, so love them hard, or you’ll get burned.


You become a parent from day one – As soon as we become exclusive, you’ll officially be a pug parent. Of course if we break up, I’ll have full custody. But while we’re together, you’ll get to experience parenthood. You instantly get the chance to feel one of the most powerful forms of love, pug love. You’ll have fun playing with us in the yard. You’ll learn to love the evening stroll. You’ll enjoy cuddling up on the couch while watching movies. You’ll learn to say no in a firm but respectful tone. It’s seriously the best experience ever.

We’re happy – Gone are the days of Debbie Downers or Negative Nancys. Pug owners tend to report the happiest marriages. It’s probably because pugs are so silly that it’s impossible to be anything but happy. The love pugs show is indescribable. It literally makes you feel euphoric every single day. All those bad days and bumps in the road are behind you now. By being with a pug lover, you’ll get to experience happiness on a daily basis. Sure there’ll be challenges and obstacles every now and then, but as long as your pug is wagging his tail when you get home, it’ll all be worth it.


Everything in this article is completely true, and I know because I’ve lived it. My boyfriend’s pug obsession eventually became my obsession and our relationship grew stronger because of it. So the next time someone you date tells you that they love cats, you’ll know to run in the opposite direction.

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