15 Signs You’re The Best Pug Mom

15 Signs You’re The Best Pug Mom

You’re definitely not a regular mom, you’re a pug mom. Other women envy how you’re able to attract every pug at pug meetups. Pugs intuitively know you’re a special lady and flock on over when you walk on by. Here are 15 signs you’re the best pug mom:

You put your pug’s health first 

Just as the mom of a newborn often forgets to eat or will only eat after feeding her baby, pug moms always prioritize their pug’s health before their own. She’ll make sure her pug has gourmet pug food that is easily digested while only cooking dollar pasta for herself. She’ll make sure her little pug has all of his vaccines and will rush to the vet if he falls ill. Meanwhile, when pug mom is sick she sucks it up and puts on her strong face. When it comes to exercise, a pug mom always benefits from taking her pug on her daily walks as she has the opportunity to get her steps in. On warm summer days, she brings a bottle of water in case her pug gets thirsty during their walk. She selflessly gives up her water to nourish an overheating pug.


You play with your pug daily 

Only the best pug moms play with their pugs daily. Regular moms spend their days complaining about their work day but the best pug moms know that the best part of the day is when she is finally reunited with her bundle of joy. As soon as she comes home, she is greeted by her happy little pug and spends every second she can having fun with her pug. She’ll chase her pug in the yard, she’ll set up activities for her pug such as swimming pool and ball pit, and when they’re both exhausted the two of them will get cozy on the couch while watching their favorite pug tv shows and movies.


You treat your pug like family 

Your pug isn’t just a pet despite what those without pets say. As the best pug mom, you treat your pug as well as your family members (if not way better)! During the holiday season, you sign their name on holiday cards. If you send holiday cards with a family photo, your pugs are in the family photo. You include them in events such as your wedding, baby shower and other family gathering. As a loving pug mom, there’s no one else you’d want by your side through life’s roller-coaster of ups and downs than your little furry friend.

You throw your pug one helluva birthday party 

Your friends are jealous of your pug. While you always show up to a BFFs birthday party, you’ve never thrown her a party as spectacular as your pugs. You’ve thrown a massive pug themed birthday party for your pug. You had an expensive pup cake made for your pug and his dog friends so that they have something to eat. You have grown up cake for the owners. You’ve gotten balloons, streamers and even lootbags for guests. You’ve bought your pug presents and enthusiastically helped unwrap them. You even made your pug his favorite human food (but just this once)! In the back yard you set up fun activities for pugs to play. A pool in one corner, a ball pit in another and a bunch of toys scattered around for pugs to choose from.

You’re the pug’s cheerleader 

From day one, all of your energy is focused on watching your pug succeed. As a proud pug mom, you want to teach your pug all sorts of things while watching them have fun. Your proudest moment includes watching your pug waddle to you for the first time like a new mom watching her baby take its first steps. You cheered on your pug the first time she swam to you in the pool. You were right beside her to ensure her safety telling her that she can do it while reminding her to ‘come to mama.’ The feeling you get when your pug achieves goals is almost comparable to a new mom, because you love your pug more than anything else in this world.

You have fun shopping for your pug 

A lot of women love to shop, but usually for themselves. Pug moms shop for their pug and they take their shopping spree to the next level. They’ll buy new toys, clothes and accessories for their pug. ‘Oh look a cute sweater, my pug would look adorable in that!’ or ‘I haven’t bought my little puggy a new toy in a while, he’d love this!’ Just as a parent buys clothes, toys and accessories for their child, a pug mom treats her pug as if he’s her baby and buys accessories. Some may find it strange, but those who have pets understand how pugs become family.

You have long in-depth conversations with your pug 

A great pug mom will have long talks with her pugs. She’ll have conversations with her pug as if her pug is human. She’ll tell him jokes or sing her songs and if she’s in a really good mood she’ll even dance with her pug. If a pug mom is watching tv with her pug she might look at her pug and say ‘Can you believe she just did that?’ while referring to what happened on screen. Her pug will of course look up at her and then rest his little head on your lap. If you’re facing adversity, you might even have a long heart to heart with your pug because maybe you feel like there’s no one else in the world who’d be as empathetic or understand your situation. Your pug listens while staying by your side like a true BFF.

You struggle to punish your pug 

Every pug mom knows how much of a little rascal her pug can be. Even though she’ll be extremely upset coming home to a chaotic mess of ripped up bills and newspaper all over the floor, when it comes down to punishing her pug she looks at her and sees her pug lower her head knowing she had been bad. She talks to the pug explaining that what she did was wrong. But when it comes to disciplining her pug she can’t even do it. Instead she tells her partner to do it but to not be too harsh. The reality is she loves her pug too much that it’s impossible for her to do anything but forgive his or her action right away.

You show them off to the world 

Some people take selfies others take pictures of their pugs. A pug mom constantly takes pictures and videos of her pug and posts them all over the internet (especially Instagram). The pug mom wants her pug to live luxury life in the same way that a pageant mom wants for her daughter. Though cool pug moms don’t tell their pugs to suck in the fat, they’re more likely be say ‘flaunt your rolls!’ Whenever pug moms create an Instagram account for their pugs, their pugs always become instafamous developing a massive following and have probably been featured on @RoyalPugs.

You apply to dog friendly offices 

Only the best pug moms apply to dog friendly offices because who wouldn’t want take your pet to work day every single day. If you’ve ever seen or heard about dogs having a nervous breakdown when their owners leave them home alone for five minutes, you’d probably be hesitant about leaving your baby home alone too. Pugs are social beings they can’t be left alone for eight hours every day. So you apply to every dog friendly office nearby and give it your all at every interview. You finally score a job an amazing dog friendly company. Then you sit your pug down for a serious talk about how he has to behave well with every other dog there so he can keep coming to work with you. So each morning you and your little puggy walk to the office and he sleeps by your side as you work. The pug gets to make new friends while you get to hang with your dog 24/7 while making some dollar dollar bills y’all.

You stand up against bullies 

Every pug mom loves how adorable her little pug is. She flaunts pictures and videos of her pug on social media. However, every pug mom has had to stand up against the haters and defend their precious pug. Some will say that their pug looks ‘retarded and should be euthanized,’ others may say ‘that’s the ugliest dog I’ve ever seen,’ while others may comment on how they hate their eyes or lack of snout. Pug moms have heard it all and it pains them to hear someone criticize someone they love so dearly. However, a pug mom is a strong woman who isn’t afraid to stand up against bullies. She’ll politely tell the person that their opinion doesn’t matter because family comes first. No one’s opinion can make a pug mom love her pug less. She puts her pug’s needs and happiness firsts and ignores the haters.

You make sure your pug has a healthy social life 

Since pugs are known to be one of the most social breeds, it is a pug mom’s duty to ensure that her pug gets a healthy dosage of social interaction. She may hunt around for dog events, pug meetups, dog friendly workspaces while also bringing him camping and to outdoor family functions where pets are always welcome. She plays with her pug daily and constantly gives him an overflowing amount of affection.

In the pre-nup the only thing you want is the pugs 

Before you move in or marry someone, you clearly and explicitly state that you want the pugs in case of a separation. You don’t care about getting his money or his car, you’re perfectly able to make your own money. However, the one thing money can’t buy is your pug. The unbreakable bond you’ve created with your pug is worth way more than taking half of another person’s stuff. You can afford to rent for a while, you have your own car and you’ve got a good job. You just want to be able to keep your stuff and that includes your pug. You’d literally give your partner your engagement ring back if it meant keeping the pug. Family over possessions, forever and for always.

You have multiple pugs 

All pug moms start with one pug which eventually turns to two, then three, then four and before you know it you’ve practically become a breeder without trying. It was harmless at first but the more you interacted with your pug the more you wanted him to have a companion of his own. I wouldn’t even be surprised if you planned a pug wedding for them. You’ve likely adopted a pug at some point or another, the best pug moms always do.

Your world revolves around pugs 

A pug mom’s love of pugs crosses into the obsession zone. She owns every pug product in the world and is constantly buying pug products. She loves her pugs so much that she’s created an obsession over their existence. She’s bought pug mugs, pug tank tops and pretty much anything with a pug on it as soon as she sees it. She was born to be a pug mom. Every action she takes is to make her pugs feel loved. She goes above and beyond to make her pugs happy, healthy and grateful to have her around. Her pugs are the center of her world and that’s just how she wants it.

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