13 Pug Commercials You’ll Love

13 Pug Commercials You’ll Love

Pugs make great celebrities. With their quirky and fun loving personalities, it’s no wonder why top brands include pugs in their commercials to help them increase sales. Here are 13 pug commercials you’ll love:

When it comes to pug commercials, Vodafone comes in first place. They have so many pug commercials that even compilation videos, like the one above, of their pug commercials don’t feature them all. Pugs play a huge role in their commercials which makes Vodafone our favorite pug supporter brand.

This Wealthsimple commercial points out the obvious: the more you invest the more pugs you can have. As any pug owner knows, one is a good starting point but it’s not enough. One pug quickly multiplies into a grumble of pugs making you happier than you could ever imagine. This commercial showcases a woman who invested more and now owns a grumble. She’s living the dream alright.

The Dutch know how to create an honest pug commercial. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live with a pug, this commercial is fairly accurate. The pug in the video makes a mess of his home, guess a vacation is out of the question for this couple

What are your two favorite things in the world? Pugs and Christmas, right? Okay, well in this commercial a pug with reindeer antlers is going down a snowbank in a sleigh and it’s gold. GOLD. I literally kept watching this commercial over and over again. THEN, I shared it with everyone. If I were in the UK, I’d sign up for Three UK right now.

When it comes to creating original shows, Netflix knows what will draw the viewers in. In this Lady Dynamite trailer, two pugs are featured: a fawn and a black pug. I hadn’t noticed this show in my Netflix feed until I heard pugs are featured in the show, you can bet I’ll be watching the entire series just to find clips with pugs. The show is rated 1 star on Netflix but if it has pugs it’s a 5 star in my books.

Doritos knows that featuring pugs in a Super Bowl commercial is sure to get a good reaction online. Their first pug ad must’ve been a huge hit because they created a second ad years later featuring a pug again. They also featured a black pug for their second commercial to tap into a different pug loving audience.

Trico Homes featured a pug in one of its commercials. As a fellow Canadian company, we approve the commercial, we even upvoted it on YouTube. This adorable pug makes us want to buy the home and the pug living in it, where can we sign?

This Vision Direct commercial features a pug who keeps breaking his glasses. The funny commercial quickly becomes seriously dark to the point where I didn’t want to watch anymore but has a happy ending with a ‘phew’ moment. Apparently, companies in the UK really love their Christmas pug commercials.

This Verizon features a pug for what feels like a split second but we’ll take it. It has a pug exploring in a forest barking making him sound like a wolf to people hiking nearby. Pugs couldn’t be as vicious as a wolf if they tried.

In 2013, the Super Puppy Bowl featured an all pug cast in their commercial. There were some chicks who played as cheerleaders but the pugs were the star of the promo. When pugs play a leading role in commercials you know it’s worth the watch. For the record, I went on to watch every puppy bowl featuring pugs so commercial effectiveness was on point.

This Furreal Friends commercial would be a bigger smash hit if it featured a real pug rather than just a toy of one. I’d love to see a pug playing with the pug toy it’d be more enertaining.

While this Mountain Dew commercial features a puppymonkeybaby, the face is quite recognizably that of a pug. The commercial is a little cringe worthy as the body is not of a typical pug. Mountain Dew should have scrapped this weird idea and kept it simple by only featuring a pug. We’re pretty sure the pug could help increase Mountain Dew’s profit without needing the help of a monkey and baby body. We’re all for mixed pug breeds but this combination is just super awkward.

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