28 Things You Should Know About Pugs

28 Things You Should Know About Pugs

They’re clingy – If you’ve ever broken up with someone for being too clingy, there’s a good chance that pugs aren’t right for you. They’ll follow you everywhere you go, even to the bathroom. They’ll wimper when you aren’t paying enough attention to them. They’ll be within eyesight at all times. If you’ve always wanted someone to obsess over you, then pugs are your dogs. Don’t go breaking their hearts though, these social little pups are worth all the attention in the world.


Pug puppies are high energy – Just as a toddler is high energy, pug puppies are also high energy. Though to be frank, most puppies are high energy since they’re really young.  If you think your new pug puppy will just hang out and watch Netflix with you, he probably won’t until he’s a little bit older. When you get a puppy, you need to be ready to spend all of your spare time giving it love and affection. Those early years really help form that unbreakable bond so be sure to enjoy every second you have together. Have fun chasing your pug puppy in the yard or playing fetch. The way to lower their energy is by using it all up. If you’re not the type of person to like a high energy dog, you may want to adopt an older pug to just hang out with.

They’re man’s best friend – Pugs are social dogs. They need constant interaction. Treat your pug the way you’d treat a best friend, you’d hang out with him and bring them out to events. Pugs need socalization. They need to interact with other dogs. Take them to pug meetups so that they make friends. Don’t leave them at home alone for hours on end, especially if you constantly work overtime. Treat pugs like family as that’s how they treat you.

They’re hard to house train – While pugs are extremely inteliigent, they have a bit of a stubborn streak which makes them a bit more challenging to house train. Pugs typically start grasping house training habits when they’re about 12 weeks old. You can start teaching them good habits earlier than that but don’t lose patience with them when they accidentally go to the washroom on the kitchen floor, they’re still babies after all.


They love to eat – If you’ve ever seen a picture of a pug, you’ll definitely notice that they’re not typically the skinniest breed. People tend to think pug rolls are adorable (at least I do), however, as a pug owner you need to be mindful of what you’re feeding your pug while regularly weighing the little guy so that he maintains a healthy weight. Pugs, like an obese person, will find breathing difficult. As pugs already have small snouts, they struggle to breathe as it is. To reduce illness, be sure to give your pug regular exercise while portion controlling their food. Also, make sure that you speak to family members, coworkers, friends and anyone around your pug to ensure that they don’t sneak treats when no one is looking. Be sure to clarify that it’s for health reasons and that you’re not just being uptight.

They snore loudly – If you have a partner who snores loudly in bed next to you, you’ll be shocked to know that pugs probably snore louder than your partner. The small snout makes breathing a bit challenging for your pug. As a result, they tend to snore pretty often. Most find their snoring cute and take videos of it to post all over Instagram. However, if your pug sleeps in bed with you, you probably will need to get used to their snoring, consider it background noise if you must.

Pugs need regular exercise – Like mentioned earlier, it’s really easy for a pug to gain weight. You’ll need to make the logical decision to fight the adorable pug rolls to keep your pug healthy and strong. In addition, to a daily walk with a pug. You should also play with your pug in the backyard or a nearby park and chase him around to keep him fit. Pugs run really fast so don’t underestimate their athletic capabilities. Pug exercise is an important part of a daily routine. While weekend Netflix marathons with your pug on the couch can be more relaxing, the reality is that you can’t be a couch potato pug parent when your pug relies on you for physical activity. Pugs can get overheated faster than any other breeds so be sure to bring water with you wherever you go in case your pug gets thirsty.


Pug health issues can be expensive – Owning a pug definitely isn’t cheap. As pugs have a multitude of health issues ranging from urinary tract infections to breathing problems. As a result, you may find that you spend thousands of dollars over the course of your pug’s life in vet fees. Pugs require careful attention and regular checkups as they are prone to illness. Some choose to have nose surgery  done on their pugs to help ease their breathing though keep in mind that they’re really tiny dogs and anaesthesia is dangerous for pugs.

Pugs need special diet not cheap food – Some feed their pugs only kibble, however, they can cause quick weight gain and they aren’t usually packed with nutrients. Some pug owners buy their pugs the cheapest dog food they can get their hands on. Yet, pugs may get diarrhea or have allergic reactions to them. Be sure to speak with a vet regarding foods for your pug. You may want to try a few brands until you all settle on one that your pug enjoys and doesn’t get sick from.

They shed like crazy – Though they’re a small breed, pugs shed A LOT. Google pug shedding and you’ll find pictures of pugs next to large mounds of hair and people vacuuming their pugs. Silly pug owners! You’ll want to takeyour pug to get its haircut every so often and even then that’s not enough. Be sure to brush your pugs hair every so often so that you have a little bit more control over the mess made from shedding.

They’re high maintenance – Most people think that pugs are lazy therefore low maintenance. Surprisingly, pugs are a relatively high maintenance breed. You’ll need to clean their pug wrinkles daily to prevent infection. They’re prone to illness such as ear infections and UTIs so check-ins with the vet are part of the routine and no they aren’t cheap. Also, many opt to have nose surgery so that their pug can breathe better. They hate being left alone so be aware that you’ll be taking your pugs everywhere you go, time to start working at a dog friendly office. They need to have their food intake monitored carefully to prevent obesity. Since they’re known to gain weight easily, you should probably take them on an hour long walk each day.

They don’t make great guard dogs – There once was a pug who alerted a prince of assassins who were coming saving the prince’s life. Yet, for the most part pugs don’t make the greatest guard dogs. They’re likely to jump and sniff intruders and strangers wanting to play with them than attack. In case of an emergency, they likely won’t be able to save your life or fight an intruder. Pugs are companion dogs. They’re there to keep you company so you don’t feel lonely. They’re counting on you for protection.

They have a lot of gas – Pugs fart just like humans do. The good news is that you’ll have someone to blame for your farts who won’t be able to defend himself. The bad news is that you’re gonna have to stock up on air freshener because they definitely don’t smell like a Hawaiian breeze. The main cause of pug flatulence revolves their diet. Certain foods like broccoli and chicken are more likely to cause flatulence in pugs. Also, changing their diet or buying a new brand of dog food may cause a pug to be a bit more gassy than usual. We mentioned earlier that pugs tend to overeat, one of the reasons why this happens is because they tend to eat really fast. Eating food too quickly can create a gassier pug. As a result, you may want to invest in a food bowl that’s designed to promote slow eating.

They’re prone to heatstroke – Pugs are the dog breed that are most affected by heat stroke. In the summer, you’ll likely limit the amount of time outside with them. You may want to bring a portable mini fan to keep them cool during their walk and a bottle of cold water. Pugs are meant to be indoor dogs so they shouldn’t be left unattended in the yard for too long. Also, never leave your pug alone in a car in the summer, not even five minutes. In some cities, passerbyers are legally allowed to break into your car to save an animal or person who looks to be under extreme stress from being in a hot car. However, if this happens, you’re likely to be charged with animal cruelty. You can tell if a pug is suffering from heat stroke if they start panting rapidly, they look weak or dizzy, if their tongue changes to a bright red color or if they experience vomiting or diarrhea.

Pugs are an ancient breed – Pugs are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. They originated in China and have been around since 700 BC. They were bred to be the royal companions. They were given as gifts to rulers in foreign countries and could not be bought. Pugs were imported to Europe from China in the 16th century which eventually led to them becoming a popular breed worldwide.

They can run fast – While they’re by no means the fastest animal, it can be pretty surprising to find out that pugs can run relatively quickly. They are often seen as fat and lazy dogs by people who’ve never owned them. However, they can typically run about 3-5 mph. They shouldn’t be used as long distance runners as they get overheated quickly. However, if you’re a runner, you and your pug can go for quick runs together.


Pugs struggle to swim – While instincts will eventually kick in, don’t just throw your pug into a body of water when they’re a puppy. They’ll be scared for their life since it’s unknown to them. You’ll also want to invest in a life jacket and floating devices for your pool to ensure that your pug is safe, especially their first time. Also, never leave a pug in a body of water unattended. They may need your help.  Be within an arm’s reach at all times. Start them off with a kiddy pool or a bathtub to get them used to water. Also, be mindful that your pug may be sensitive to chlorine.

Pugs sleep a lot – If you love to sleep, pugs are the ultimate cuddle buddy as they can sleep for 10+ hours. Keep in mind that sometimes they’re just resting and not actually asleep. You’ll know if your pug is asleep as they usually snore quite loudly. Just as mornings can be rough for you, they can also pose a challenge for pugs who would rather sleep than go for their morning walk. They tend to be most active when you’re playing with them. Keep in mind, that pugs were basically bred to sleep on emporer’s laps.

Pugs come in five colors – Most people think pugs come in fawn as they’ve become the most common color of pug. However, pugs come in fawn, black, silver fawn,  apricot fawn and white. Most dog registries don’t even recognize pugs aside from the fawn and black pug as their colors are so rare. A pug’s coat can also slightly change color overtime.

They live 12 to 15 years – The average pug’s life expectancy is about 12 to 15 years. Pugs typically die of neurological disorders, cancer, infection and congenital disease. To help your pug live a longer life, you’ll want to ensure that they maintain a high quality diet, they exercise daily and that they’re groomed regularly to spot infections or masses early. The medical attention changes as soon as your pug becomes a senior which is about 7-9 years in age and so you’ll want to speak with a vet to ensure that your pug gets the kind of care he needs.

Pugs were once military dogs who would track things – Though they have tiny snouts, pugs were considered reliable at tracking people and other animals. They were also occasionally used as guards in the military. While they aren’t used very often today, they were used quite a bit in the 17th century.

Celebrities love pugs – Several celebrities have been or currently own pugs. People like Gerard Butler, Jessica Alba,  Anna Faris and Chris Pratt, Hugh Laurie, Kelly Osborne, Rob Zombie, Kelly Brook, Anna Pacquin, and more.

Pugs make great celebrities – Every pug lover knows of the legendary Doug the Pug who rose to fame via Instagram by being a dog figure of pop culture. Doug the Pug even starred in the music video for Fall Out Boys Irresistible video.  They were also featured in the Super Deluxe channel with their own ‘Pug Song.’ However, movies and tv shows often feature pugs. Movies that include a pug are The Big Wedding, The Adventures of Milo and Otis, all the Men in Black movies, The Nut Job, Pocahontas, Kingsman: The Secret Service,  and more. They are also featured on shows. In season 4 episode 11, a pug is featured on Friends and Spence’s pug on King of Queens. A pug was even featured in the Spicy Dorito chip commercial.


They hop up stairs – And it’s freaking adorable!


They’re great pets for condos – Many condos that allow pets usually require a maximum of two small sized pets per home. Luckily, pugs are small and they tend to sleep most of the day. They may cause a bit of havoc as puppies but as they age they are perfectly suited for the condo lifestyle. If you’re worried about leaving your pug home alone many condos will allow you to have two so at least they won’t be lonely. Keep in mind that though pugs are great for condos and apartments, you’ll still need to take them for daily walks – once in the morning and immediately after work. You’ll have to make sure your condo or apartment is pet friendly before buying one or two though. Read the fine print carefully.

They can make you laugh – Pugs can cheer you up after a bad day. They’ve been used as therapy dogs in the military and have instantly cheered up people with high levels of stress. They’re so affectionate and loving that you can’t help but laugh whenever they do something silly. They are quite charismatic and have silly personalities. From cute head tilts to epic snoring to silly waddles, pugs are constantly making people laugh. If you know an older adult who is lonely as their spouse has died, feel free to get them a pug who are known to be great companions, it’ll give them a reason to stay healthy and boost their happiness.

Can’t squeeze them – So I have some serious bad news, though your first reaction when you see a pug is to squeeze the cuteness out of them, squeezing a pug too hard can cause their eyes to bulge out. Pugs eyes are extremely sensitive. You’ll  need to give them eye drops regularly. You also need to monitor their eyes for infections. Several pugs have lost their eyes and a vet sows up the area. You’ll need to keep your pugs safe from popping out or getting infection. Their eyes can pop out from injury like slamming into the side of a door, so you’ll need to monitor them to keep them safe at all times. Obviously, if their eye pops out or an infection happens, you’ll need to drop everything and bring them to the vet.

They’re amazing – Some of the points mentioned talked about the negative aspects of owning a pug. However, they’re one of the most popular breeds for a reason. Quite simply, they’re amazing. While I am biased as I created an entire website for the breed, they’re the best dogs around. They’re great with kids, they love cuddles, they’re friendly and silly, they’re adorable and much more. Everything they do, makes you fall in love with them instantly, especially if you’re a pug owner. Your first dog may not have been a pug. However, once you get a pug that’s the only breed you’ll ever get again because that’s how much of a positive impression a pug has on its owner’s life.


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