7 Ways to Prevent your Pug from Getting Stolen

7 Ways to Prevent your Pug from Getting Stolen

Pugs are one of the most popular breeds. Because of this, it’s no wonder that thieves might be interested in stealing your pug to sell it. We’re not telling you this to scare you, we just want to help you ensure that you keep your pug safe. After all, just as you’d watch a newborn baby attentively, a pug also requires constant supervision.  Here are a few tips on how to keep your pug from getting stolen:

Get a security system – Security systems are a great break-in resister. Criminals are less likely to break into your house if there’s a sign or sticker on your lawn that tells them that you have an alarm system. Even if someone breaks a camera after seeing it, the camera still caught footage of the person who was there. In addition, if the criminal still decides to break into your house, the alarm will go off as they won’t know the code (make sure you don’t tell anyone what the alarm code is). When the alarm goes off, the security company will try to reach you and then the authorities. By the time the thief tries to steal your pugs the police will likely be there waiting outside.

Get your pug chipped – The day you get your pug, get him or her chipped immediately. As in same day. In the event that your pug somehow runs away or someone breaks in to steal him, you’ll be able to find him. You can log in to find the location of your pug. However, in this situation, you must contact your local police department to retrieve the pug. It can be extremely unsafe to go show up to a criminal’s house to retrieve your pug. Let the police take care of it. You’ll make their job easy by providing them with the specific details of your pug’s whereabouts. According to PetFinder.com, microchipped dogs are get returned to owners 52% of the time versus 22% who aren't microchipped.

Never leave your pug outside alone – If your pug is outside alone, they’ll do whatever it takes to escape to roam free. I once had a dog dig a hole under the fence to escape that way. Give a pug a few minutes outside alone and a lot can happen. Keep in mind that dogs don’t know to look both ways to cross the street. They’ve never been hit by a car nor have they ever seen someone else get hit by a car. Your pug could be seriously injured if left alone. If your pug manages to stay alive, a stranger can scoop your pug up and try to sell them. Also, never leave your pug alone in a car. First, pugs are prone to overheating. Secondly, in some states and provinces people are legally allowed to break into your car if the dog seems distressed. Animal services could take him away or a person could break in and steal your pug because they’ve decided that you’re an unfit owner.

Keep your pug leashed during walks – While going out for walks keep your pug on a leash so that he doesn’t run free. It might also be a good idea to take him or her for walks with your partner so that you have additional protection to keep your pug safe. Make sure you train your pug to follow commands such as stop and no. When a pug isn’t leashed, even if you’re nearby it’s easier for a stranger to scoop him up and run. Also, feel free to reject a stranger’s request to pet your pug. Not all people are as kind as you.


Don’t tell anyone how much your pug cost – Regardless if it’s a friend, family or stranger, never tell anyone how much you paid for your pug. When you tell a thief how much you paid for your pug the thief will know how much to sell it for. Unfortunately, your friend could be a thief and you wouldn’t know because they’ve gained your trust. It’s always someone you recently confided in who you should be worried about. If anyone asks you where you got your pug, tell them you got it from a friend or a shelter to avoid suspicion. You can also tell them to Google local breeders.

If your pug goes missing, look online – In the event that your pug goes missing or gets stolen, immediately go on Craigslist or Kijiji to look through their dog pages to see if someone is trying to sell your pug. You’ll likely recognize your pug right away. Instead of contacting them letting them know that it’s your pug, offer them double the cost and arrange a place to meet. Then contact your police to let them know to meet you there. Often times when people say that it’s their pug to a person who is trying to sell it for a profit, the person will delete the profile and will find other means of selling your pug or try again a few month later.

Have your pug spayed or neutered – Some people steal dogs because they want to breed them and sell their puppies. However, if your pugs are spayed or neutered, the thief can only sell the one pug. It also helps prevent them from experiencing abuse from being forced to breed by an inexperienced backyard breeder.

Even if you follow the suggestions above, your pug can still be stolen. Do everything you can to keep an eye on your pug at all times. You’re their pug parent and it’s your job to keep them safe and out of harm’s way. In the event that your pug is stolen, remember to contact police immediately and file a report. It won’t always guarantee that your pug will be found but it gives you slightly better odds.

Feel free to also speak with neighbors asking around if anyone saw any suspicious people nearby. You can put signs up in your neighborhood. Think back to all of the people who showed unusual interest in your pug and try to narrow it down that way as well.

You can do your part to help to help reduce dog theft by ensuring that you don’t buy pugs from forums, newspapers or websites like Kijiji. When buying a pug, buy from a licensed breeder or shelter in order to know that your pug was not stolen.


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