12 Signs You’re Addicted to Pugs

12 Signs You’re Addicted to Pugs

At first, some of you may have shown little interest or found them weird looking. Maybe you were creeped out by the way their eyes bugged out, or maybe you didn’t like the fact that they hardly had a snout. Yet, over time, something in you changed. You became more open-minded and loving. You realized that maybe what you see at first glance isn’t all it may seem. Maybe you met a pug who was so loving and affectionate towards you that you couldn’t help fall in love. Over time, that love grew deeper and you started verging into the obsessive zone. It started small with you petting every pug that walked by. Eventually, it evolved into you liking pictures and pug pages. Then, you started tagging everyone you know in those pages. And now you probably have a room full of pug accessories. Don’t worry, it happens.

Here are 12 signs you’re addicted to pugs:

You follow hundreds of pug accounts on Instagram: Every time you log into Instagram, you’re flooded with pug pictures. You love it! It makes you happy. Everyone around you knows you’re looking at pug pictures and videos because you’re constantly saying ‘AWWWW!!’ and ‘Oh my gosh, I want one so BAD!’ without even realizing it. Your friends have even started tagging you in pug pictures because they know how obsessed you are with them and as a friendly gesture you tag them back in new pictures and cute videos.

You’ve started working on your pug’s branding: You might not even own a pug yet, but you’re already creating social media accounts getting ready to build a brand for your future pup. If you do have a pug it definitely has its own online presence. You constantly post pictures and videos of it online. You may have created your own hashtag and built a reputable following. You have so much faith in your pug that you’re confident that he or she is the next celebrity pug. Doug the Pug doesn’t even stand a chance!

You’ve seen every pug video on YouTube: You’ve found all of the hidden gem pug videos on YouTube. Sometimes, you even hum the song from the video to your significant other and their response is ‘I LOVED THAT VIDEO!’  Because you’ve basically shown your partner in crime every pug video imaginable. You’ve seen videos of pugs jumping in ball pits, chasing each other in the backyard and even puppy bowl videos. Every. Single. Video.

You treat your pug better than your friends: During the holidays and birthdays, you spend more money on your pug than friends and family. You’ve bought your pug a collection of clothing, snacks, toys and more. You do whatever it takes to treat your pug like royalty. You spend time with your pug every day without fail.  You have pug dates where you go on adventures with just you and your pug.

You consider yourself a ‘pug mom’ or ‘pug dad’: If family and friends ask you when you and your partner are planning to start a family, you usually say ‘I have a family. My pugs are my babies.’ You act like parents with your pugs too. You’ll spend time watching tv with them. You’ll play games with them. You prepare their food. You discipline them when they misbehave. And then cuddle them immediately after. They’re not a pet, they’re family.

You buy pug everything: All of your special holiday cards have pugs on them. You give pug anniversary cards, pug Christmas cards, pug Valentine’s day cards. Heck, even pug St. Patrick’s Day cards. You have several plush pugs on your bed. You have pug pictures on the wall. Pug mugs in the cupboard. Clothing with pugs on them. If you’re in a mall and there’s something with a pug on it, you #instabuy.

You’ve asked for a pugposal: Some women dream of being proposed to on a beach on sunset. Pug addicts dream of a pugposal, a proposal at a pug meetup where your loves of your life (partner and pugs) commit to spending the rest of their life with you. I can’t wait for my pugposal. Who could say no to that?

You’ve named your future pugs: Some people pick out names for their future kids, but you’ve picked out names for your future pugs and your future grandpugchildren. Whenever you see a picture of a pug on Instagram with a pug picture you think looks like what your future pug babies will look like you tag your partner and say ‘It’s PugALot!!!!!’ Even though you don’t have any pugs yet.

People constantly tell you to grow up: My parents are always telling me that my pug obsession needs to stop. Unfortunately, my future husband is an enabler as he loves pugs just as much at me. Yup, we’re soulmates! No one else outside the two of us understands what the hype is. We’re constantly told to save for a wedding but we want to save for building out our pug family. Us pug addicts, know what really matters in life.

Your addiction has spread: When I first started showing people pictures of pugs, they immediately said they were ugly. However, overtime, everyone around me has developed a pug obsession with me. My mom's iPad background is of a pug. My friends have started buying pugs. My entire network has also developed a pug addiction.

You work at a dog friendly office: You either work at or only apply to dog friendly offices. You could never leave your pug home alone so off to work he goes. As soon as people meet your pug, they instantly fall in love.  As a result everyone in your office ends up buying pugs and you've basically created a pug friendly workplace. At least you can't say you hate your job!

Your best friend from high school has been replaced with your pug: You used to tell your best friend everything, but now your pug is your new BFF. At least you can always trust that your little puggy won't tell anyone else your secrets.

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