Are pugs good for condo or apartment living?

Are pugs good for condo or apartment living?

If you’ve recently moved into a condo or apartment or are planning to make the move soon, you may be wondering ‘are pugs good for condo or apartment living?’ Before you move into a condo or get pugs you need to make sure you’re aware of any pet restrictions your condo may have. If you’re currently a pug owner, you need to make sure that your condo or apartment allows pets in the building and you need to be aware of any restrictions. You should also note that it’s possible for the rules to change if someone in your building ruins it for everyone else by either not cleaning up after their dog or if a dog attack occurs. Your best bet is to live in a house if you own more than one pug, but it’s 2016 and houses are no longer affordable, especially in the city. Here are a few reasons why pugs are great for condo or apartment living:

Pugs are Quiet: Pugs aren’t known for being yappy dogs. They’re also not known for their ferocious barks. In general, they bark while they play though it usually can’t be heard though condo or apartment walls. They’re pretty laid back which makes them perfect for condos.

Pugs are a Toy Breed: Pugs are considered a toy breed because they’re extremely small in size, even the really chubby ones. As a result, they don’t take up much space nor do they need it. Toy breeds are best for condos and apartments as even a 1 bedroom space is large enough for them to move around comfortably. It can be considered animal cruelty to have a large dog in a condo as they need more space to move around. Also, most new pet friendly condos will only allow one to two small pets per condo owner. Lucky for us pug owners, as pugs fit that description perfectly.

Pugs Sleep A lot: Pugs can sleep up to 14 hours per day. Since they spend so much time sleeping, they likely won’t be causing havoc while you’re off at work.  So they likely won’t be barking all day. Nor will they be making a disastrous mess as revenge for your abandonment. Of course, you still need to train them to prevent all disasters. (Let’s just say I once had a rottweiler that opened all of our christmas presents and knocked over our Christmas tree while peeing on virtually everything while we were out at a Christmas dinner. I lived in a large house at the time but dogs can have some serious abadonment issues even if it’s just a few hours.) Just make sure to keep all paper away from pugs while you’re off at work or running an errand to prevent coming home to a giant mess.

Puppies can be crate trained: If your condo allows pets and you’re ready to buy a puppy, the good news is that pug puppies can be crate trained while young. This will help teach them to stay in their area. It’ll help prevent them from tearing up couches or causing havoc. It’ll also prevent them from using the washroom anywhere in the condo to the point which will prevent you from having to play the game ‘where’s this scent coming from?’

Pugs get along with other dogs:  While other dogs may not like dogs, pugs tend to be very friendly with most dogs. The reason why this is important is because you’ll likely come across other dogs in elevators or around the condo you’re living in. You want to make sure you have a friendly breed to prevent random dog attacks or excessive noise which may get you kicked out of the building. This is why training your pug is important. It’s also important to socialize your pug puppy early so that they become accustomed to other dogs from the get go.

Pugs get along with strangers: While this can be both good and bad, pugs tend to get along with strangers. Bad, only because, someone could break into your apartment and your pug will want to play with them. Good, because they likely won’t scare or violently bark at a stranger as you take your pug out for its daily walk. They tend to be very social animals needing love and craving it too. By getting all of your neighbours to fall in love with your friendly and sweet pug, you’ll likely never have to worry about someone filing a complaint about you or your pug.

Pugs don’t require a yard: While pugs would love a backyard to run around in, they don’t need one as much as a larger dog would. Obviously, you still need to make sure your pug gets his or her daily exercise, that’s a given. However, they don’t need a giant backyard to run around in. They need their daily walk to get their steps in, maybe a little bit of running around at a dog park or in a field and that should pretty much do the trick.

Things to Consider Before Moving into a Condo with a Pug:

  • Carefully examine the condo policies on dog ownership
  • Make sure there are nearby parks you can take your pug to
  • Consider living on a lower floor for quick bathroom getaways
  • Make sure your pug is spayed or neutered
  • Pugs dislike severe cold and extremely hot weather, need to make sure temperature is just right
  • They get lonely if they’re left alone too long

So to confirm once again, yes, pugs are good for condo or apartment living. Just follow the appropriate steps to ensure that you and your pug won’t be breaking any rules and it should be a smooth sailing ride for you both.

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