Are Pugs Needy?

Are Pugs Needy?

Pugs are extremely social. Their love of humans is a borderline obsession. As a result, some pugs can be needy. For example, if your pug constantly follows you around, cuddles up to you, whimpers when you’re in the washroom, tries to jump on your bed while you sleep, wants to be picked up while you’re standing or cries when you leave for work, there’s a good chance that you have a needy pug. Here are a few tips for dealing with a needy pug:

Accept responsibility –  The choice to buy a pug was yours and so it’s your responsibility to give your pug the attention it needs. Pugs are extremely social animals and you’re his or her best friend. As a result, he’s gonna want to play with you. She’s going to want you to pick her up. He’s going to follow you wherever you go. You can either train them to be more independent or provide them the toys they need to have more fun if you need the ability to shower without your pug wimpering outside the door. However, neglecting your pug isn’t an option.

Spend quality time with them daily – When you have a pug that’s particularly needy, setting time out to spend with him or her, all distractions aside. Go play with your puggy in the yard chasing after him or her. Go cuddle up on the couch and talk to her about your day. Go on little adventures and walks and engage with them. If you have homework or some chores to do, take a few minutes to pet them and kiss them before getting to it so that they feel loved.


Practice spending time apart – Pugs aren’t the type of pug you should leave home alone all day. So practice spending time apart by going out for twenty minutes to run a quick errand and coming back. Leave them toys to play with. And when you leave don’t make it a big deal. Don’t wave bye and make it an ordeal. If you act casual about it, they’ll be less likely to experience anxiety.

Regularly show affection – Show affection to your pug every single day. Cuddle with your pug on the couch. Pet your pug until he falls asleep. Give him or her kisses and gently hug them. Rub their little belly. Tell them I love you. Compliment them with phrases like ‘good boy’ or ‘good girl.’


Get your pug spayed or neutered – Oftentimes, needy pugs become more aggressive when their needs aren’t met if they haven’t been spayed or neutered. Unless you’re a breeder, your dogs should be fixed to prevent them from breeding as pregnancy often requires c-sections and anesthesia for female pugs which is fairly dangerous for short-snouted breeds.

Go for a long morning walk before work – Each morning take your pug for a longer than usual walk outside. Before work walks are especially great as the sun’s rays aren’t as strong so they likely won’t overheat with the slightly cooler weather. But feel free to bring some water just in case though.  By the time they get home from their long walk, they’ll be exhausted. Leave them some water and food that they can access and let them rest on their bed while you head out for work or school.

Provide lots of toys- Being home alone can be boring, especially when you’re a dog. You can’t browse the internet or text your friends. So leave them so toys that they can easily access. Feel free to go on a pet store date with them so that they can choose new toys to play with. Let them have things that they want. By letting them have something to do. If they enjoy watching tv with you, have the tv on while you’re off at work. If they like singing along to music have a Spotify playlist playing in the background. Let them be distracted by regular home noises so that it’s not just a quiet and isolated place where they fear you’ll never return home.

If you want multiple pugs get them around the same time – A great way to help prevent neediness is by getting more than one pug. Ideally, you’d want to get two pugs around the same time so that they can grow up together and learn to share at a younger age. If you’re in a relationship, having two pugs is great because it allows each pug to get attention from one of its parents. It also makes walking dogs easier when you have. By getting a second pug, the two of them will have someone to play with when you’re off at work. They’ll have someone to cuddle when you’re doing chores. They’ll have a friend by their side through thick and thin that love them just as much as you do. Thus, they’ll be less likely to be needy or completely dependent on you.


Work in a dog friendly office – There’s no worse feeling than leaving your pug home alone all day while you head off to work. An easy solution is to work in an office where dogs are allowed. Of course, you’ll be responsible over their behaviour and have to make sure they stay safe but you’ll be able to spend the day with your little pug. Everyone knows the best feeling in the world is coming home to your pug after a long, exhausting day at work. Seeing how excited they are when you get home makes you feel loved. By having them spend the day with you at work, they’ll likely be less clingy since they spend too much time with you. If you only have one pug, they’ll enjoy not being left alone for extended periods which helps reduce them clinging by your side.

Don’t intentionally ignore your pug – When you’re frustrated by your pug’s clinginess, don’t intentionally ignore them in hopes that they’ll go away. They’re more likely to cling by your side until you give them attention.  Neglecting a pug under any circumstances is completely unacceptable.

Be grateful – If you have an extremely needy pug, practice gratitude. Let’s look at this logically for a second. Here’s a pug who loves you so much that they want to spend every second of their life with you. You’re a priority in their world. There’s no one else on the planet that they’d rather be with than with you. So remember that. There’ll be days when you’re depressed or going through a difficult challenge and you’ll know with absolute certainty that your pug is going to stand by your side.

So while some pugs can be very needy, it’s not necessarily the worst thing in the world.




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