Bringing Pug Puppy Home

Bringing Pug Puppy Home

Bringing your pug puppy home for the first time is an exciting time for a new pug owner. However, it can be an absolutely scary time for your new pug. For the first time, your pug puppy will be separated from his or her siblings and parents. They’ll be moving into a new environment that’s completely unfamiliar to him or her. Just as you may be anxious or nervous when you start a new school or a new job, your pug feels that same bit of nervousness or shyness as well. It takes time for a new pug puppy to feel like you’re his new parents and your house is his new home. So this article talks about some of the tips you’ll need to know when you first bring your pug puppy home.

Stay Calm – When you first bring a pug puppy home it’s important to stay calm. Tell your family and young children to also be calm around him. Don’t scream ‘AHHHHHH!!! PUPPPPYYYY!!!’ like many do when a pug puppy comes home for the first time. Don’t run to him and smother him. Treat him with the same care you’d provide a newborn baby. Gently hold him on your lap or in your arms. Show affection. Give everyone in your family a turn to bond with your new pug.

The First Night – You may need to spend the first night sleeping in your pug’s crate. When I brought my first dog home, my dad spent the entire night with my dog because he was so scared. Keep in mind that my dog immediately bonded with my dad making my dad his master. Whoever bonds the most with the new pug puppy those first few days becomes his master. So if you want to be the pug’s master, you should be the one to cuddle with your pug puppy that first night. The floor may be uncomfortable to sleep on, so make sure your pug has a nice comfortable dog bed for him to rest on. Give him or her a stuffed pug to cuddle so that he has something to sleep with. If your pug puppies cries through the night, use a gentle voice to say it’s okay while gently petting him.

Give Your Pug a Tour of the House – Show him where the toys are, where the water and food bowl are, where his bed is. Introduce him only to people who live in the house on first day. Don’t have a huge party to show him off to your extended family. Don’t forget to introduce your pug puppy to other dogs or pets in house too. Let him see where his new toys are. Feel free to let him roam around the house to explore. Let him see the entire house so that he knows where everything is while allowing him to get settled in.

Crate Train – If your pug puppy hasn’t been housetrained yet, you should consider crate training him or her for the first few weeks to prevent him or her from using the washroom on your expensive rug. Keep in mind that pug puppies are small and have smaller bladders to go with them. It also helps your pug adjust to a small living space. While eventually you should allow your pug to roam around the house without a worry. A crate helps reduce risk or injury while you’re off at work.

Make the home welcoming – Pugs are generally considered indoor dogs, so don’t expect them to live outside in the yard. Create an inviting environment inside of the home. Have access to toys for your pug to play with. Keep it safe. Put their food and drink in an area that they can access easily and anytime. Treat them like they’re family because that’s what they are.

Be patient – You’re pug is still a puppy so when it comes to the rules, he’s not really breaking them he just hasn’t mastered them yet. Accidents will happen, you’ll find feces or urine somewhere in your home if you let your pug roam on day one. Firmly tell the pug no and let them know that it was bad. However, don’t scream at them. You’re their owner and you’re responsible for training them. You’ll need to spend time teaching them to use the washroom outside or on a pee pad. Practice patience though. Just as you wouldn’t scold a baby for having an accident you shouldn’t scold a pug.

Get your pug chipped – On day one, as soon as you get your pug, head over to the pet store immediately to have your pug chipped. Don’t wait a week or two, because while your pug is a puppy their sense of direction may be off. Your pug could try to run away to go back to their original owners or breeder. Someone could also try to steal your pug puppy if he or she is a teacup or rare breed. For the safety of your pug, you should get your pug chipped so that if he or she ever goes missing you can find your pug rather quickly.

Pet Store Visit – On the day you finally get your new pug puppy, head over to a pet store so that your pug can choose a few new toys. Of course, you should have some toys waiting for him or her at home as it is, but you should also allow them an interactive experience so that you two can bond early on. While walking through the store pay attention to the toys your pug likes or plays with the most. If there’s something that your pug keeps playing with buy it. Don’t forget to buy a stuffed animal of a pug puppy for your new baby pug to cuddle.

Make Sure You Have the Essentials – When a new pug puppy moves in you need to ensure you’re your home is stocked with the basics: a bowl, collar, name tag, leash, odor neutralizer, treats, pug friendly dog food (talk to pet a store employee to make sure their pug friendly), dog bed, and more. You also need to make sure you house proof to make sure no wires are accessible for pug. You should treat it like childproofing a home for a baby or toddler. You also want to make sure you have a pee pad.

Bonding Opportunity: After dinner on the first night, after you’ve gone for a long walk and are ready to unwind for the evening, the family should sit together and have a family movie night. By doing this, you can show your pug how the average night will be. You can have family members take turns cuddling the pug on the couch, petting him or her.

Spend time outdoors – On your first few days with your new pug puppy, spend some time outside with them. Take them for a walk around your neighbourhood, give them an opportunity to explore their new home.  Play in the backyard together. Get them exposed to the outdoor feel of your neighbourhood.

Easy Diet Transition – When you first bring a new pug puppy home, it’s important to provide your pug similar food that they’re accustomed to. If you plan on changing their food, you need to do so slowly to help their bodies adjust to it. They can get sick from unfamiliar foods. Speak with their previous owner to determine what type of brands your pug is used to.

Vaccinations- While your pug has likely already received some vaccinations, as the owner of a pug puppy, you’ll be responsible to ensure that your pug continues to get the rest of his or her shots. Follow your vet’s schedule to ensure that your pug receives the vaccinations he needs as he needs them.

These are just a few tips for when you first bring your pug puppy home. Speak with your breeder, shelter or vet for other recommendations on first steps.




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