National Pug Day: Activities to Do With Your Pug Today

National Pug Day: Activities to Do With Your Pug Today

Today, October 15, is national pug day. It`s the second most important day in a pug`s life after their birthday of course. Today is all about spoiling your pug. You need to make sure you spend some quality time with your pug today and make it one of the best days of their life. Here are a few activities to do with your pug on National Pug Day.

Spend the whole day with your pug – Today is all about your pug. Just as you`d spend an entire day with your mom on mother`s day, on national pug day you should spend the entire day with your pug. Everything you do today should be in an effort to make your pug happy (make that tail wag all day long). Plan activities for the two of you. Enjoy meals together. Make each moment count. Spend some time cuddling up on the couch. Spend some time going for walks. Today you and your pug should be inseparable.

Go to a pug meetup – It can be hard finding time to go to pug meetups on a regular basis. However, on national pug day, we`re pretty sure it`s a requirement to show up to one. Have your pug interact with other pugs in the community. Bring some pupcakes or treats to share. Bring some water in case your pug gets thirsty. Bring a ball for your pug to play with. Let them have fun sniffing other pugs and making new friends.

Marathon pug movies—If you don`t own a pug (or even if you do) you can marathon movies that feature pugs. We wrote an entire blog post about all of the movies where pugs play a role. You can make today the day you enjoy everything pug. If you do own a pug, you can watch pug movies while giving your pug a massage on the couch, they`re royalty you know.

Go on a pug shopping spree – You can celebrate your pug obsession by buying yourself or your pug some items today. You can browse our site for all things pugs. We have both black pug gifts or fawn pug gifts – we love all pugs so we don`t discriminate. Make sure your pug is sitting in your lap as you browse, they probably want a say in what you buy.

Happy National Pug Day!

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