Pug Interview: Pancake and Pepper

Pug Interview: Pancake and Pepper

Hey Royal Pugs readers,

We're excited to launch a new feature on our blog. Each week, Royal Pugs will be interviewing pugs from all over the world. For our first feature, we're interviewing two pugs near and dear to our hearts. @pancakelickspepper was one of Royal Pugs first Instagram followers. We're pretty sure their account is what led to our wild pug obsession. They're cute, they're funny and they're pugs. Let's kick off this interview with our first question.

What was it like when the two of you first met? Did you get along instantly or did it take a while for you two to become best friends?

Pepper: I was excited to meet him and wanted to play right away. He was really cute and there was so much room to run around and play in my new home!

Pancake: She scared me to death at first. I was quivering and hiccupping and didn’t know why Mom and Dad were doing this to me. After a few minutes of her chasing me a few times I decided to start chasing back. And then we had fun! And we haven’t stopped since then!!


What's a day in the life look like for the two of you?

Pancake: First thing in the morning we hear Mom and Dad upstairs and we know they are coming down. But we are quiet. When we see them coming down the steps I just get up from the bed in our pen and walk over to the door and wait. Pepper is going crazy! Really crazy!! She squeaks and squeals like one of our toys and jumps up and down on the pen door. Then they open the door and Pepper attacks their feet. I come out and say good morning and give them kisses.

Pepper: Dude, you’re exaggerating….. ok, maybe you aren’t. I am just so happy that I feel like my head is exploding. And I’m kissing their toes with my teeth. Geez.

Pancake: Right. Anyway, Dad then takes us out to the backyard and we pee and poop.

Pepper: Then we run back in and Mom has our breakfast ready. We love softened kibble warmed up. We eat it up fast.

Pancake: Fast? You are turbo speed girl. Dad calls you a frantic eater!

Pepper: Whatever. Then we go back outside for more running around and pee/poo. After that Mom gives us each a squished blueberry and Dad fills our water bowls with fresh filtered water.

Pancake: Then we zoomie around for an hour and spread all our toys throughout the first floor!

Pepper: Yup. LOL.

Pancake: Then we snooze. Then we wrestle. Then we snooze. And then we go crazy again when Mom and Dad come home, or when Mom comes home if Dad worked from his home office.

Pepper: And then dinner (YES!) and A WALK!! Then treats (freeze dried chicken and freeze dried beef liver), more playing, and snuggles on the couch with Mom and Dad while they watch this weird thing with pictures and noises.

Pancake: Then we go outside for one more round of pees and poos and we call it another awesome day.




What are your personalities like? Who's most likely to get in trouble?

Pepper: I’m always happy, no matter what. Sometimes Dad or Mom says this word to me that I don’t understand. It is “No” and I usually hear it when I am having really good fun shredding a pee pad. It just makes me happier! Dad says I have a hummingbird tail. Pancake is super playful. I think Pancake is the most likely to get into trouble since he still pees on the floor every now and then. LOL.

Pancake: Get out! Tattle tail. No more than you do. And Mom and Dad don’t get mad when we do that. They are very nice about cleaning it up and they make us feel really special when we pee outside.

Pepper: True. They are the best.

Pancake: I love to play and I wish I would never get tired and that Pepper would chase me around the backyard forever. Mom and Dad say that I’m also a snuggler and that I can go from 100 to zero at the flick of a switch (whatever that means). Pepper is a bit of a Daddy’s girl.

Pepper: Sometimes. I love them both so much. But really neither of us gets into trouble ‘cause Mom and Dad are so happy with us. I know they love us completely.

Pancake: True.


October 15th was International Pug Day; how did you two celebrate?

Pepper: We had our niece Babs @babstheprincesspug over for the whole day and our human sister Ashley, and Nick.

Pancake: It was AWESOME. And Maddie also came with them and we met her friend Connor. And we ate extra treats.


How would you describe your perfect day?

Pepper: A day when Mom and Dad never leave us and we play and snuggle and eat treats and go on hundreds of walks.

Pancake: And someone comes to visit us too.

Pepper: And you are always with me buddy.

Pancake: Ditto girl. I love you forever.





Food: All of it. Period.

Activity (Outside): Chasing Pancake, chewing plants, and walks.

Activity (Inside): Chasing Pancake, tug-of-war, and sleeping on Daddy’s feet while he is sitting at his desk.

Memory: When I met Mom and Dad. They came into the trailer and Mom picked me up (that felt weird leaving the ground) and she held me close. I could hear her heart and she spoke so softly to me. Dad looked into my eyes and something felt really good inside.

Pug: Pancake of course!

Favourite Animal (Besides dogs): Humans.

Place: The kitchen mat by the sink when Mom or Dad are cooking.

Toy: Squeaky Fox.

Thing to Chew On: Toes, ears, and bully sticks.

Thing About Each Other: The way he wags his tail when he sniffs and kisses me.



Food: Same as Pepper… all of it!

Activity (Outside): Being chased by Pepper, sniffing the grass, and walks.

Activity (Inside): Zoomies, wrestling, tug-of-war, and belly rubs.

Memory: When I met Mom and Dad. They brought my human sisters Shannon and Ashley, and Nick, and they were all so big! I just kept running around back and forth to spend time with each of them. I was so happy. And then the day Mom and Dad brought me home. I remember feeling the sunshine and smelling outside air for the first time before the car ride, and the way they made me feel safe when we got home.

Pug: Pepper. She’s the best.

Favourite Animal (Besides dogs): Humans. And Barney next door even though he is a dog.

Place: Mom’s lap in the front room on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Toy: It’s impossible to pick a favourite. I love them all. But if I had to I would pick Buddy, my very first toy (he’s a little pug).

Thing to Chew On: Dad’s fingers (I’m gentle) and bully sticks.

Thing About Each Other: The way she plays with me. And her snuggles at night.


Anything else you’d like to share?

Yes. Mom and Dad say we made their lives complete and that they feel very lucky to have us. We feel the same way about them.      P&P.


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