Pug Shedding: Tips for Reducing Pug Hair

Pug Shedding: Tips for Reducing Pug Hair

All pugs shed. It doesn’t matter if they’re black or fawn, healthy or unhealthy, young or old, but all pugs do shed. If you’re completely against pug hair, pug ownership may not be ideal for you. Most pug owners adopt the ‘pug hair don’t care’ mentality to the never-ending amount of fur on their clothes and furniture. There are steps you, as a pug owner, can take  to reduce or help control the amount of pug hair your pug sheds, however, there’s no miracle cure that’ll get rid of it completely. Keep in mind that shedding can occur because all pugs shed but also because of a change in seasons, medical conditions or even pregnancy. If you find that your pug is shedding more than usual be sure to visit a vet to ensure that your pug is healthy. If your pug’s shedding is consistent then here are a few tips for reducing pug hair:

Black Pug vs. Fawn Pug- While both pugs do shed, black pugs may shed slightly less. Black pugs only have one coat of fur, while fawn pugs have two coats of fur. Some fawn pugs also have only one coat of fur though it is a bit rarer. Many actually prefer the look of a double coat on a pug as it’s a little less patchy. It just requires more cleaning.

Brush pugs hair daily – Just as you may brush or maintain your hair on a daily basis, your pug requires the same sort of care. Some pug owners go as far as brushing their pug’s coat twice a day. By doing this in a controlled environment, like outdoors, you’re able to minimize the mess in your house and all over your clothes. Regular brushing allows you to help prevent the spread of fur on your furniture.

Wash your pug regularly – There isn’t a lot of consensus on how often you should wash your pug. Some recommend washing your pug daily with baby shampoo which is perfect for helping to prevent dry skin while also being sensitive enough for pugs. Others recommend washing once every three to four weeks. However, many pug owners agree that there’s a reduced amount of shedding after bathing their pug.

Brush and clean in a controlled environment – Whether you brush your pug outdoors or in a particular room, choose an area where there isn’t as much foot traffic. It probably isn’t a good idea to brush your pug’s hair on the couch while watching television if you don’t want to have a massive amount of pug hair all over it. If you choose a room with tiled floors that is easy to mop, it may be easier to clean.

Use anti-shedding shampoo – If you persistently have issues with excessive pug hair around the house, head over to a pet store and ask an employee for recommendations on anti-shedding shampoo. The product will likely use ingredients that will help strengthen the pug’s coat to help reduce the amount that falls out.

Use Furminator – While we don’t normally give out glowing product reviews, we’re pretty sure every pug owner has purchased a Furminator to help reduce the amount of pug hair. Most agree that it’s a great product that specializes in de-shedding pug hair. They have tools available depending on how thick or thin your pug’s coat is and even the specific texture of your pug’s hair.

Pay attention to their food – Nutrition plays a vital role in how much your pug sheds. If your pug is shedding more than usual it could be an indicator of a poor diet. There are times when you’ll need to change up the brand of food you feed your pug because it no longer benefits them. Adding a little bit of flaxseed oil in your pug’s food can help reduce pug shedding. Speak with your vet about the type of nutrients that you should be adding into your pug’s diet. Just be sure to check if pugs are allergic to the food before you feed it to them. Just because a certain food is healthy for humans doesn’t mean that it isn’t toxic for pugs.

Get your pug groomed – Taking your pug to a professional groomer to get a haircut will help reduce the amount of shedding that takes place, at least temporarily. By getting him professionally brushed will also help limit the amount your pug sheds. Your groomer may even use specialized products that you can purchase that’ll improve the strength of your pug’s coat to help limit the mess it makes all over your couch.

Invest in an excellent vacuum—There’s only so much that can be done to help reduce the amount of hair your pug sheds, investing in a premium vacuum that specializes in picking up dog hair is an investment worth having. There’s nothing you can do to completely eliminate your pug’s shedding so at least make cleaning a bit easier. You may have to vacuum daily but at least it’ll be easier to use a specialized vacuum than a low quality one that leaves half of the hair all over the floor. We may love our pug hair but we still like having a clean house.

Get couch covers – Investing in couch covers helps maintain the integrity of your couch especially if it wasn’t cheap. The reality is, no matter how often you tell your pug not to go on the couch, he’ll always find a way to jump back onto it. You can use couch covers to protect your couch from having fur permanently stuck on it. Or you can use it so that when guests come over they can sit on the couch cover instead of the fur ridden couch. Your choice.

While pug shedding may be frustrating for some pug owners, the tips in this article will help you maintain a cleaner home by reducing the amount of pug hair.

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