Pug Wrinkles and How to Clean Them

Pug Wrinkles and How to Clean Them

While most people try to prevent wrinkles with anti aging products, pugs were specifically bred to have them. Ancient rumors say that the wrinkles were originally a Chinese character for the word ‘prince.’ This is no surprise as pugs were considered the dogs of royalty and were bred to be lap dogs. Today, finding a pug with a ‘prince’ character wrinkle is virtually impossible and maintaining the wrinkles are constant work. As a pug owner, it is your responsibility to clean your pug’s wrinkles on a daily basis as they’re incapable of grooming it themselves. The regular cleaning of pug wrinkles will help prevent infection and thus help lower your vet bills.

Why You Should Clean Pug Wrinkles

  • Prevent Infection: If you notice your pug rubbing this head against the carpet or any new odors, this could be a sign of an infection starting. You’ll need to take your pug to the vet and acquire the medication needed to prevent the infection from spreading. Regular cleaning will help prevent this from happening. Infections are typically caused by moisture and food getting being hidden in a wrinkle (or skin fold). If you’ve ever seen a pug eat, you known that food being stuck in a wrinkle is fully possible which is why a daily clean is essential.
  • Maintain Cleanliness: Just as you brush your teeth or shower daily, your pugs folds also need to be cleaned. If you’re really adamant about ensuring your pug is a healthy one, you could even clean your pugs folds twice a day as you see fit.
  • Reduce Vet Bills: Pugs are an expensive breed when it comes to health. While it’s important to regularly take your pug in for check-ups. Doing everything you can to maintain a clean bill of health for your pug will help reduce vet bills over the long term. Cleaning the folds is easy to do, cost-effective, not too time consuming but required daily.

How to Clean a Pug’s Wrinkles

  1. Calm your pug down: You’ll want to make sure your pug is calm and not extremely hyper or antsy. You could do it after your walk. Make it a part of your daily routine. After the daily walk, sit your pug on the couch, and gently massage him to relax him. Have his chin rest on your leg so that you have a good angle while sitting down.
  2. Gently start wiping: With your dog facial cloths, gently wipe the folds carefully removing any food or debris. Be sure to be gentle so that your pug enjoys having his folds cleaned daily to prevent future hassles. Continue doing this for all of the wrinkles.
  3. Dry off: Use a dry cloth to dry out the moisture from the cloths. You may want to run your fingers through to ensure that that each fold is fully dry. This step is important as moisture is the biggest contributor to infection.
  4. Appreciate their good behaviour: Once you’re done, give them a little kiss, a massage or even a treat as a thank you for being good during the process.

Products for Cleaning Pug Wrinkles

  • Facial Wipes for Dogs – These wipes are created specifically for dogs and will likely be recommended by your vet. These are great for daily use as they’re typically the easiest way to clean the folds. They’re safe for dogs and will likely not cause any adverse reaction as they’ve most likely been tested on various breeds. They likely won’t cause your pug to make a huge fuss over it as they tend to be gentle though effective at removing any moisture or debris.
  • Baby Wipes – When it comes to baby wipes, they can be very cost effective compared to wipes for dogs. However, you’ll need to ensure that they’re hypoallergenic to prevent any adverse reaction from your dog.

Thin Cloth and Vinegar – Vinegar can also be used to help prevent infection and you can use a thin dry cloth to make sure no moisture is left in the crevices. Make sure you don’t put the vinegar in your pugs eyes so be sure to be cautious.

Signs of Pug Wrinkle Infection

  • Regular scratching of face or rubbing wrinkles against carpet
  • Foul odor emitted from their face
  • Face begins to swell or appears red
  • Bumps and sores begin to form around the wrinkles

If your pug is showing any of the signs of infection, be sure to take him or her to the vet for a proper diagnosis. There are different types of infections that may require different treatments or care methods to ensure it clears up in the standard week or so. Once your pug has healed, be sure to follow each step of the pug wrinkle cleaning process to prevent any future infections.

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