Reasons Why Pug Owners Should Work in a Dog Friendly Office

Reasons Why Pug Owners Should Work in a Dog Friendly Office

Maybe your pug is too needy or maybe you can’t bear the thought of leaving your pug home alone for an entire day, but lately you’ve been seriously considering finding a job that lets you bring your dog to work. If you work in tech, finding a dog friendly office should be relatively easy. However, outside of tech and start-up culture, it becomes much more challenging finding a dog friendly office. Here are a few reasons why pug owners should work in a dog friendly office.

Reasons Why Pug Owners Should Work in a Dog Friendly Office

Combat your pug’s loneliness – Many pug owners feel guilty for leaving their pug home alone, especially if they only have one or work late regularly. Since we all know how social pugs are, having them in an environment with people would keep them pretty happy. By bringing your pug to work, your pug has an opportunity to develop his or her socialization skills as there will likely be other dogs in the office. They’ll have a chance to make puppy friends that they get to play with every day. Pugs are generally friendly dogs and aren’t typically problematic (not likely to attack or bite another dog). Of course, they’ll probably spend most of their time by your side.


Make your pug love you more – If your pug is always more excited to see your partner; you finally have a chance to build a better bond with him or her. By commuting to work together the two of you will be able to have some fun moments together, like singing to your favorite songs, discussing celebrity gossip and the like. And then you get to spend eight hours in the office together while taking breaks to go on walks together.

Have someone to talk to during your commute – Commutes can be lonely and boring. There’s always one person who talks to themselves or belts out songs alone, but with a pug in the car you’ll look a little less crazy doing it. Pugs understand humans when they speak, sometimes they pretend they don’t, but pugs are actually very intelligent. You can have long heart to hearts with your pug, ask them questions, rehearse presentations and more with your loving companion by your side.

Make friends at work easier – The easiest way to make friends is to have a charming pug start the conversation. You can message your coworkers on Slack and tell them that you brought your new pug to work today and people will flock. If you’re socially awkward, all you have to do is answer questions about the pug which is easy to do. People will ask what his name is, where you got him, and general topics like that. By having your pug by your side, people will likely regularly come by to pet your dog and you can ask them how their day is going and get to know people better. If you’re new to a company, this is the easiest ice breaker in the world.

Feel happier – Work can be frustrating. You can get bored, have a disagreement with a colleague or mess up on a project. But bad days aren’t so bad when you have your pug to console you. All you have to do is go for a quick walk and just talk to your pug about your frustrations. Your pug will always love you more than any other person in that office anyways. For most people, the best part of the day is coming home to your pug. Yet, when you work with your pug, every moment is the best moment. You literally get to work alongside your best friend. You know, the person (pug) you can gossip to that won’t tell anyone your secret. You get to hang out with the person (pug) who loves you even when you mess up. Your best friend is literally right beside you through it all.


Less stress about them being home alone – It can be stressful leaving your pug home alone. If your pug is still a happy, you’ll know that they could easily experience anxiety. Some pugs destroy all of your belongings while you’re out for the day because they’re afraid that you’ll never come back. It can also be scary to leave them alone because anything could happen to them. Someone could break into your house to steal them (wouldn’t be the first time). An animal like a rodent or a snake could slither their way through pipes and injure them. Basically, anything can go wrong and you won’t be around to protect them. Of course, most of those things are very likely but anxious people still worry about their pug while they’re at the office.

Enjoy work more – Most people hate their jobs. But jobs quickly become more bearable when you have pets in the office. Usually startups and tech companies have pet friendly offices because they want to keep you around. It’s hard to hate your job, when you’re surrounded by dogs all day. You can literally jump on a couch and bribe dogs with owner approved dog treats and have them all flock to you. #TheDream

Excuses for quick breaks – Smokers have cigarette breaks and everybody else has to work nonstop all day. While breaks are needed for mental sanity, I don’t really plan on becoming a smoker just to have access to them. With a pug in the office with you all day, you’ll be able to take quick 10 minute breaks to take your pug to the washroom. You can go for a quick walk around the block a couple of times a day. This will give you a bit of extra mental clarity which will allow you to perform even better at work. Who knows maybe you’ll even get promoted because of it.

You won’t feel guilty about working late – During peak seasons, employees often work late. Maybe its around the holidays so your ecommerce store is blowing up. Maybe its tax season and you’re working 15 hour days. Whatever it is, during peak season, leaving your pug home alone for longer days can make you feel guilty and it can also result in backlash from pug (i.e. mess of a house). Being able to bring your pug eliminates the guilt of having to work late because you’ve got your little guy by your side anyways so he won’t feel alone.


Save money – By working in a dog friendly office you can save a little bit of money. You won’t need to spend money on a dog sitter or a dog walker to check on your pug throughout the day. Also, most dog friendly offices stock a few dog supplies for owners. Maybe they supply dog bowls or dog treats. Provided that they’re safe for your pug, you can take advantage of some of the perks your pug has access to.

Setting Rules for Interactions with your Pug

Here are a few ground rules you should set when bringing your pug to a dog friendly office.

Don’t feed the pug – Non-pug owners don’t know what pugs are allergic to. For example, pugs are allergic to onions and if there’s onions in a piece of meat that they provide your pug, he or she can have a seizure and die. Or, your pug can get very sick from being fed unhealthy food. Pugs aren’t humans and their bodies are designed differently. Some foods that aren’t toxic for us, are toxic for them. Same with plants, some plants may be toxic for pugs. Send out an email to everyone and make sure they know not to feed your pug no matter what. If they want to give your pug a treat, have some by your desk so that people can give them a treat when you’re around. You also want to make sure your pug isn’t being overfed.

Make sure other dogs are friendly—Pugs are naturally social animals. Since they’re very friendly with other dogs, it’s important that other dogs will be friendly with them too. You don’t want a dog to attack or hurt your pug while your at work. Let’s be honest, there will be times when your pug wanders away to go play with other dogs and you need to make sure your pug is safe so try to make them play in an area where you’re able to supervise and keep your eye on them.


All dogs (including your own) must be housebroken – Make sure your dog knows how to tell you you need to go to the washroom. You don’t want accidents to happen in the workplace since it’s unprofessional. Remember you have to clean up after your dog no matter what. If he vomits you need to clean it up. If he poops or pees, you have to clean it up.

Stay away when sick – Tell your coworkers to stay away from your pug if you or their dog is sick, you should follow this rule too. You don’t want to spread infections or illness.

You must be present when visiting pug – Try keeping your pug by your desk at all times. Let your coworkers know that if they want to spend time with your pug you must be present at all times. You don’t want your coworkers squeezing your pug so hard their eye pops out or scaring them. Let them know that they can pet your pug but any other form of interaction is unacceptable. They also can’t steal your pug so go cuddle with it on a couch in another room.


Working in a dog friendly office would be a great way for you and your pug to spend more time together, so clean up that resume and apply to jobs that all you to bring your furry friends to work.



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