Should I Buy a Pug from a Breeder or Adopt?

Should I Buy a Pug from a Breeder or Adopt?

Getting a pug is an exciting time for new pug parents. Whether you adopt or purchase from a breeder, you’ll likely be happy with the final outcome. After all, pugs are known for being super loving, playful and affectionate.  In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of buying a pug from a breeder and through adoption. Ultimately, you need to make the decision that’s best for both you and your family.

Benefits of Buying a Pug from a Breeder

You’ll be well informed about your pug: When buying a pug from a breeder, you have access to all of the information you need about him. You’ll know his birthday so you can celebrate it with him each year. You’ll know what vaccinations she’s done so far since she’ll still be a puppy. You’ll know who his parents are so that you can see how your pug will potentially turn out and if there are any problems. You’ll know their history and what their life is like. You can even ask for videos of your puppy playing so you can see their interactions with other pugs.

You can meet the pug’s parents: Don’t underestimate how important it is that you get to meet the parents of the pug you’re buying from a breeder. Learning more about the pug’s parents gives you insight into their potential adult appearance and any health issues. For example, if the pug’s parents health is suffering while they’re only a few years old, it may be a sign that they don’t have good genes which ultimately allows you to turn down a breeder. However, if the pug’s parents are happy, healthy and super attractive then you know you found yourself a keeper.

You know that the pug doesn’t have a history of abuse: Most breeders make sure puppies are happy and spend a lot of time taking care of them. They have a responsibility to ensure the health of their newborn puppies so making sure that they’re being fed and up to date on shots is a priority. Compared to adoption, where oftentimes animals are often neglected or abused or abandoned, the risk of abuse greatly reduces, provided that you aren’t buying from a backyard breeder (someone who breeds pugs unethically). If they don’t have an official website and you bought your pug off Kijiji or Craigslist it’s likely a backyard breeder. Also, professional breeders typically have awards or accolades celebrating their work with pugs, typically from competitions.

You can also buy their siblings: A unique benefit to buying from a breeder is that you can also purchase the pug’s siblings. This is great option considering that oftentimes people want two pugs so that they’re never in complete isolation. This is also beneficial because it allows them to have someone their familiar with around when they first transition into their new home.

You often get a health guarantee on the pugs: When you buy from a breeder, buyers often get a health guarantee on the pugs they purchase. The reason why a guarantee is possible is due to the fact that the breeder is aware of any potential health conditions due to their experience with the parents. The same parents often breed multiple times producing multiple litters. As a result, the breeder is able to see what potential issue pops up with each pug. When it comes to adoption, often times the pug’s history is unknown, especially if it was abandoned or taken away from the owner.

You can stay in touch with the breeder: A huge plus to buying from a breeder is that you can continue to communicate with him or her as time goes on. The reason why this is a big deal is because you can ask any questions you may have about your pug when issues arise. You can also ask for advice for housetraining or other new pug parent first steps. You can also stay in touch in case you’d like another similar pug down the road. Since you have their number and address it’s easy to stay in touch with them so that you can better love your pug.

Benefits of Adopting a Pug

You may be saving a pug from abuse: The biggest benefit of adopting a pug is that you’ll be saving a pug’s life. Even if the pug doesn’t have a history of abuse, it likely doesn’t enjoy staying locked up in a cage at a shelter. Also, if a pug isn’t adopted in time, the shelter may have to kill it because they can’t afford to keep it alive. By adopting a pug, you give them hope at a new, exciting and happy life. Keep in mind that when you adopt a pug versus buy it from a breeder, you need to be extra mindful on how you treat it. You need to ensure that you’re showing it the respect and love that it needs. Since you likely won’t know the pug’s history, you need to make sure you don’t scream at your pug when frustrated as they may be scared and reminded of their prior abuse. Pugs are meant to be loved, walked, fed and cuddled. Make sure you’re constantly providing it everything it needs.

You’ll be able to save a bit of money: While future health costs are up in the air, in general, adopting a pug is typically a more cost-effective option. Shelters typically have pugs spayed and neutered, provide vaccinations and even microchip them. Also, from a shelter you may be able to buy one pug for one hundred dollars while a breeder may charge around $1000+ for one pug.

Most pugs will be house-trained: Pugs can be difficult to house train, especially when they’re puppies. However, when you adopt from a shelter, oftentimes, those working at the shelter will train the pugs so that the transition into their new home is smoother. They may teach the pugs commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ and train them to use the washroom outside.  By doing all of the hard work with them before you get them, it’ll make living with a pug a bit easier, especially if you’ve never owned one before.

Older pugs are more relaxed: Most of the time, older pugs can be found at shelters. In general, older pugs are typically more relaxed and less energetic than puppies. That doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy playing outside or going for walks with you, all it means is that if you want to curl up with them on the couch every now and then they’ll be able to hang out without getting too restless.

Helps reduce the number of pugs being forced to breed: By adopting a pug, you help eliminate breeders, dog shops and other unethical sources of buying a dog. With Kijiji and Craigslist, backyard breeders have an easier avenue to sell their pugs, despite the fact that they may not be authorized to breed in the first place. Some pugs are put under stressful situations and forced to breed even if they don’t want to. This is highly unethical. Unfortunately, it’s hard for a buyer to know what conditions were placed on their new pug’s parents when they buy from a backyard breeder.

You’ll get a pug you could relate to: Oftentimes, people buy pugs, or any dog for that matter, during a life change. Maybe you just got divorced and want to combat loneliness with a new pug. Maybe someone close to you died and you need help with healing. Maybe your doctor diagnosed you with obesity and recommended that you get a pug so that you’re forced to get out and exercise. Whatever challenge is thrown your way, it becomes much easier when you have someone in a similar situation. When you adopt a pug, they’re also scared of the next chapter in their life. However, as you slowly get to know each other, you begin to build that rapport which makes you realize you’re not alone.

Here’s a cute and touching video of a man who adopted a dog (sorry, no pug in this video but it’s still worthwhile):

After reading the benefits of buying a pug from a breeder or adopting a pug you now have the ability to make your own educated choice. At the end of it all, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your pug is safe and happy. The way you treat your pug will largely influence his or her behaviour. If you treat it well, you’ll find that it’ll be very affectionate towards you. Let us know whether you chose to buy a pug from a breeder or adopt.
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