Should you let strangers pet your pug?

Should you let strangers pet your pug?

As the owner of a popular dog breed, the pug of course, you’ve likely had strangers run up to you at some point asking if they could pet your pug. You remember the days when you didn’t have a pug so you remember the feeling of why they ask, but maybe you’re a bit cautious or protective of your pug which makes you wonder if you should allow a stranger to pet your pug. The age and reaction of the person asking to pet your pug could also cause you to be on the fence on whether or not you should let strangers pet your pug. Ultimately, the decision is yours whether or not to grant strangers the opportunity to pet your pug and ask you questions so in this article we’ll showcase some arguments for why you should or shouldn’t let strangers pet your pug.

Why you should let strangers pet your pug

Pugs make people happy – You know that by letting a stranger pet your pug that you’ll probably brighten their day. Maybe that person’s pet recently died and they want to pet your pug because they miss their own dog. Maybe it’s a child who has always wanted a dog but their parents won’t allow them to have a pet so this is the closest thing they have to hanging out with a dog. Whatever their reason is, pugs generally make people happy and people love being around things that make them happy. With a wagging tail and a tongue out Tuesday smile, it’s kind of hard to not be drawn into it. Sometimes strangers just want that tiny piece of just petting a pug and being around it to feel happy again. It’s a small price to pay to brighten someone else’s day.

You’ve seen them around before – While this person is a stranger, you may have seen them around before so you may feel more comfortable with allowing them to pet your pug. Maybe they go for runs in your neighbourhood every day, maybe he lives down the street, maybe her daughter is in your child’s class. Whatever it is, the comfort of somewhat recognizing this person makes you feel slightly obligated without feeling anxious about them petting your pg.

Because your pug is wagging his tail —Pugs love humans. If your pug is wagging his tail and seems happy around this stranger, it may be fine for that person to pet your pug. If the pug doesn’t seem scared or worried about the person approaching then it may be a sign that your pug is excited about the interaction. If your pug has his tail between his legs or moves to hide behind you, it may be a sign that your pug doesn’t want to be pet. Pay attention to their behavior to see if it’s something they want or not.

They’ve come up to you nicely and asked for permission – If a stranger came up to you casually, seems nice and asks for permission it may not be a bad idea to let them pet your pug. If it was a frantic kid running at you, you may want to steer clear of them. Let your pug sniff a polite stranger first and pet your pug afterwards.

Why you shouldn’t let strangers pet your pug

Could put your pug in danger – When it comes to strangers, you never know what to expect and sometimes it safer to expect the worse. A stranger could pretend to pet your pug only to grab it quickly and run off with it. A stranger may be too aggressive which causes your pug to bite them. If your pug bites them you may be required to put down your pug as they may deem it a ‘danger’ to society. It can put your pug at risk and sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry and just reject all petting requests.

Could put person in danger – While your pug may be trained or the sweetest pug in the world, you never really know how a pug will react when it feels threatened or scared. As a result, a pug could bite another person. Also, a person may be allergic to dogs and not know it which can also put them at risk. Sometimes in order to protect strangers and prevent future lawsuits, you should turn down a stranger’s request of petting your pug.

Pug could feel anxious – If you have a new pug puppy who hasn’t been socialized fully yet, they may be scared of other people. For example, if a young child comes up to your pug and squeezes him he may feel scared or threatened causing him to experience anxiety. Pay attention to your pug’s cues when he’s around other people. If he’s hiding behind your leg, he likely doesn’t want to initiate contact with other people.

Pug isn’t trained yet – Maybe your pug is currently going through pug puppy training and so the best option is to not allow strangers to pet your pug. When a puppy isn’t fully trained yet, she likely won’t be obedient to all of your commands or maybe she hasn’t even learned them all yet. Once your pug is fully trained, socialized and ready to interact with other people, you can choose whether or not it is in the best interest of your pug but if it isn’t trained yet you can politely tell the person that they’re not trained well enough to interact with others.

You’re not required to do it – A very valid argument to not let strangers pet your pug is that you don’t have to do it. You don’t have to have a good reason. At the end of the day, this is your pug and you are his or her owner and you have the ultimate say in whether or not someone can pet your pug. You’re not required by law to let everyone swarm your pug to pet it. You don’t even have a social obligation to do it. If you don’t feel comfortable letting anyone pet your pug, then don’t let them.

To respect your pug’s space – Some pugs may have disabilities such as blindness which could scare them if suddenly touched by stranger. Some pugs prefer not being touched. At the end of the day, you may choose that you’ll respect your pug enough by not letting anyone touch him. For example, it isn’t socially acceptable for people to randomly touch others, it may even make them feel uncomfortable. Your pug can also feel uncomfortable by constantly being touched by other people. Some pugs only want to be pet by their owners or those they know.

Can spread germs – Whether your pug is sick or if the person petting your pug is sick, you may be spreading germs by letting a stranger interact with your pug. It may be in the best interest of your pug’s health by not letting anyone pet it.

So if a stranger is approaching you or about to pet your pug, you can politely tell them to not come any closer and that your pug doesn’t like being touched for any of the reasons above. You can also choose to put a yellow ribbon on your pug which signifies to others that they should avoid physical contact with him or her. Ultimately, you have the freedom to decide whether or not to let strangers pet your pug.

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