Socializing Your Pug Puppy

Socializing Your Pug Puppy

One of the first steps you must do when you first get a new pet is socializing your pug puppy. As everyone knows, pugs are one of the most social dogs around. However, they require training and an active effort on your part to help provide them to social skills that they need in order to be obedient and friendly dogs.

Why it’s important to socialize your pug

  • So they aren’t scared – When you first get a pug puppy it’s likely that he or she will be afraid of the change. Your pug won’t know his or her surroundings or the people it meets. By socializing your pug you help provide them with the confidence they need to go through their day with ease. It also allows them to feel safe when they’re around new people.
  • So they respect children and people – An important reason for socializing your pug is so that they treat children and people with respect. By socializing them, rewarding for good behavior and disciplining for bad behavior, you help prevent potential injury such as a bite or inappropriate behavior like peeing on shoes.
  • So they don’t attack other animals – If you’ve ever owned a dog, you may have experienced the situation where another dog barks nonstop at your dog or even bites him, or maybe your dog did this to the other person’s dog. However, when you properly socialize your dog you teach them that that behavior is wrong. You also give them an opportunity to learn the correct way to introduce themselves to other dogs. For example, if you see a pug sniffing the rear of another dog, let them. Scent helps them understand who’s who.

Tips for Socializing Your Pugs

Give your pug space – If your pug is wagging his cute little tail, it’s likely fine to introduce him to new people or pets. However, if his tail is between his legs or if he’s hiding behind your leg, be respectful of your pug’s space. Don’t force your pug to socialize when he’s showing signs that he doesn’t want to. Just as you wouldn’t force a person to interact with others, give your pug the freedom to decide as well. Let him warm up to the idea in the beginning. You don’t want to overwhelm or scare him.

Attend Pug Meetups – Taking your pug to regular pug meetups allows him to interact with other dogs of the same breed. By being around other pugs it gives him a chance to be with animals just like him. For the most part pugs are social animals and being around other social pugs gives him his first taste of being around animals. I’d recommend a pug meetup before taking him to a dog park or a dog event so that he gets used to other pugs first.

Bring them to dog friendly events – Once your pug is a bit more socialized, you can introduce him to other dogs via dog friendly events. Many cities have dog friendly events that you can take your pug to once a year. This gives you two an opportunity to hang out outside of your normal daily walk or backyard play session. It also allows you to test out new dog treats to see if your pug likes them and check out new toys. Some dog friendly events also have sessions where you can learn to better care for your pup. Most importantly, it allows your pug to hang out with and play with other dogs. It gives him the opportunity to learn appropriate behaviors and learn which type of behaviors they should avoid in other dogs which will help them better protect themselves.

Take them for daily walks – Daily walks help socialize your pug with the people in your community. By going for walks each day, you’ll have the opportunity to let your pug get to know your neighbours and even your neighbour’s pets. By going for walks at the same time every day, they’ll likely see the same people walking around which gives them an opportunity to make friends in the neighbourhood. 

Introduce to Friends and Family – Whenever friends or family come over to visit, make sure you call your pug over to introduce them to each other. Allow your pug to go up to each person, sniff them and interact with them a little bit. By doing this, they’ll learn to recognize them each time they come over to help build their trust to prevent bad behavior.

Introduce to other animals – If you live in a home with multiple pets, you’ll want to give your pug some time to be introduced to new animals. For example, at a pug meet up he meets other pugs. At a dog friendly event, he meets other dogs. However, sometimes pug need to be introduced to other animals like a pet cat or a pet hamster. Allow your pug to sniff them and get to know them. Make sure you don’t have a pet snake or other animal that could confuse your pug with food. You also want to make sure that your pug knows better than to eat other animals like in that pug eats butterfly video.

Allow them to smell – On multiple occasions, I’ve seen dog owners pull their dog away when they’re smelling another person or animal. What they fail to realize is that dogs recognize best through scent. By giving them an opportunity to smell other animals and people, it allows them to remember them. For example, you might remember someone by their name or their appearance. Pugs are scent driven so give them an opportunity to get to know people.

Socializing your pug is an extremely important process in your pug’s training. It helps promote good behavior while negating bad habits.

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