Why I Choose Pugs Not Drugs

Why I Choose Pugs Not Drugs

Pug owners have heard of the popular expression ‘Pugs Not Drugs.’ But what does it really mean to choose pugs over drug? This article will mention a few of the ways that pugs are better than drugs and why you should be a part of the ‘Pugs not Drugs’ movement.

Both get you high but pugs make you better – Both drugs and pugs can make you feel euphoric. However, drugs tend to eventually cause you to crash, while pugs keep you floating on cloud nine. As a result, pugs have no negative side effects whereas drugs have an extensive list of side effects. Studies show that pug owners tend to have happier marriages. We haven’t read any studies on the marriages of drug users but we doubt they’re happier than pug owners.

Pugs aren’t illegal drugs are – Buying a pug isn’t illegal. Playing with a pug isn’t illegal. Caring for a pug isn’t illegal. However, most drugs are illegal – whether you’re selling, buying or possessing. You can’t get arrested for playing with a pug too much but you can get arrested for possessing drugs. If caught with drugs, you could go to jail or pay an expensive fine. However, if you’re caught with a pug, you’ll likely be high fived and complimented.

Pugs last longer than drugs – The high of a drug lasts a few hours at most, however, the high of a pug is constant. One pug can make you feel euphoric for years on end. You can enjoy spending time with your pug every day, any day without any consequences and the high never ends. Bad day, you can cuddle a pug on the couch until you fall asleep, and when you wake up to your pug snoring next to you, you’ll still feel happy. The reason why pugs last longer than drugs is because the high of a pug makes you feel fulfilled as a pug parent. However, the pug from a drug is superficial.

Pugs are cheaper – Sure, the maintenance of a pug can cost money, but overall pugs are cheaper. Buying a pug can be close to free if you adopt. The cost of vet bills, food and water don’t even compare to the costs of drugs. If you’re caught selling or possessing drugs, the fines you’ll have to pay can surpass even the daily cost of pug ownership.

You can’t crash after pug time – When a person gets high off of a drug, eventually they crash. The crash can be extremely unpleasant causing the person to continue using the drug so that they can continue feeling euphoric. However, pug owners never crash from the excitement of having a pug. Sure, there may be times when you step in urine. However, after you clean it up, your pug will look up at you with sad eyes apologizing for their behavior and will scoot on top of you to be close to you. They freaking love you no matter what. With a pug, you’ll feel like you’re on cloud nine all the time.

Can take your pug to work – Bringing a pug to work won’t ever get you fired, it may even make you popular among your coworkers. However, many companies have anti-drug policies where they perform routine drug tests on their employees. If caught on drugs, you could be fired from your job. In contrast, more and more companies are beginning to become dog friendly allowing their employees to take their pugs to work on a daily basis. There are several benefits to dog friendly offices which pug owners can take advantage of. There aren’t any drug friendly offices around though.

Your family won’t disapprove – Your family will never disapprove of your pug ownership. If they think you shouldn’t get a pug, as soon as they meet your new pug they’ll fall in love and reconsider. However, there are often a lot of conflicts in family life when it comes to drug usage. Your parents, spouse or children may disapprove of your drug use. But no one ever got divorced for playing with their pug every day.

No one ever died from a pug addiction – Drug addictions can be fatal. Pug addictions aren’t. You can constantly buy pugs and play with them having them all come over to cuddle by your side. You can spend every second of every day with pugs. No matter how much time you spend with pugs, you’ll likely never die from a pug addiction. It won’t be cheap to have a severe pug addiction but your health likely won’t suffer, unless you’re allergic to dogs.

Pugs won’t get you questioned by the police – The likelihood of your pug getting you questioned by the police is rare. The only time you could ever get in trouble with police is if you leave your pug locked in your car on a hot day, but only abusive dog owners do that. For the most part, if you’re walking your dog down the street, you’re less likely to be stopped by a cop as you likely won’t look suspicious.

Pugs play with your soul instead of your mind – Drugs play with your mind altering what’s reality and what’s fantasy. However, pugs play with your soul making you feel a love that you can’t experience anywhere else. It’s a never ending unconditional love. They love you without judgment which no human is capable of.

You’re more likely to get likes from pug pictures – Pictures of pugs are far more popular than pictures of drugs. For example, if you post a picture of your pug on Instagram you could get a few hundred or even thousand likes. Yet, if you post a picture of your drugs on Instagram, you could either get banned, lose your job and only get a few likes from people who do drugs with you. By increasing your popularity on social media with pug pictures you’ll feel happier knowing that people like the things you post online.

Pugs will never make you feel alone – A drug addiction can make you feel isolated from the rest of the world as no one understands what you struggle with. However, with a pug you’ll never feel alone. You’ll always have someone who feels empathy towards you when you cry. You’ll have someone to hold when you feel scared. You’ll have someone who is excited to see you when you come home from work. They always make you feel like you have someone by your side.

Royal Pugs firmly believes in the pug lifestyle. The points mentioned above are just a few reasons why I choose pugs not drugs.

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