Why You Should Get a Second Pug

Why You Should Get a Second Pug

Owning a pug is amazing. It’s no surprise that pug owners often want a second, third and sometimes fourth pug. Now you know why the ‘pugs not drugs’ expression is so popular because pugs really are quite addictive. The general consensus among pug owners is that one pug is great but two is better. I’ve yet to meet a pug owner who absolutely hates having multiple pugs. As the saying goes ‘the more the merrier!’  Here are a few reasons why you should get a second pug:

So your pug has a friend: Having friends and a partner in crime makes people happy. So it’s not surprise that we want our pug to also have a friend to hang out with. Sure, they’ll occasionally cause trouble or blame the mess they made on their pug brother or sister but for the most part you’ll constantly see them having fun.  In general, pugs get along with other pugs quite well. You may want to make sure that if you currently have an alpha that you don’t get another alpha as there could be some competition between the two of them. Some may also recommend to not getting pugs from the same litter as sometimes they like each other more than they like their owners and it might make the owners a little jealous. It also helps pugs socialize. It makes them more likely to learn how to share and be friendly around other dogs. By having two pugs together, they learn how to behave around other pugs.


Double the fun: Having two pugs is double the fun. Now you have two pugs waiting for you by the door when you get home. You have two dogs to walk and watch bump into each other. You have two pugs to run in the yard and to make fetch a little more excited. Rather than playing tug of war with your pug, you get to be the referee and watch your pugs fight over one toy even though they’re surrounded by a dozen others. You have two pugs that’ll sleep on top of you.

Both pug parents have their own pug: When you only have one pug, the pug will naturally choose one parent as their master that they respect. As a result, you may be left out in the cold, which completely sucks. By having two pugs, one pug will constantly be cuddled and loved by one parent while the other pugs gets cuddled and love by you which by default makes you their master. It feels good to come home and have a pug be excited by you. Who doesn’t love being loved?  By having two pugs, you and your partner will be able to go on daily pug walks together as a family with each parent walking their pug. You have your own pug to confide in so for example, if you and your partner get into a little squabble, they can take their pug into another room and tell the pug how they feel so that they don’t say things they’ll regret in the heat of the moment to you. Since pugs aren’t known for gossiping you’ll never know what he or she told the pug.

Build out your family: Some people aren’t able to have children of their own or maybe your children are all grown up and have moved out, having a second pug allows you to grow out your family. They sometimes act like children. You’ll have a sense of responsibility and will feel protective of them. You’ll get to experience the never-ending love that they’ll provide. You’ll have to set out food for the family – both human and pug. If you’re a widow, it’ll help make you feel less alone by having more than one pug around. While managing two pugs isn’t double the work, you’ll likely hear them make more noise which fills out an empty house a bit more. You’ll hear them play fighting, barking at each other, and doing synchronized snoring.


It’s not double the work: The general consensus among owners with multiple pugs is that double the pugs do not mean double the work. Sure you’ll have to feed another mouth and vet bills may go up, however, the responsibility of caring for multiple pugs doesn’t increase. It might even get better. If your pug is needy and always following you around, a second pug would allow you to have a bit more space as they can play with their friend and leave you to do your own thing. You’ll be able to walk both pugs at the same time. You can let them chase after each other in the yard while you read a book outside on a nice day. They’re able to distract themselves better when there are two of them around.

You can afford it: Having two pugs means double the bills. From more food to double the vet expenses, the costs of owning two pugs is higher but if you’ve got the money why not spend it? The richest people don’t spend their money on stuff, they spend it on experiences. Owning multiple pugs creates a happy day to day experience for you. You’ll likely feel happier with your growing pug family because they selflessly give love every day. They remind you why life is worth living. If you can afford a second pug, make the investment because you’ll experience a fulfillment that most possessions could never provide.

The ‘Aww Moments’: When you own two pugs, you’re exposed to many aww moments. There’ll be times when you walk in on your pugs cuddling each other, which immediately prompts you to pull out your phone for an Instagram picture. There will be times when you see one pug protecting the other in a social setting. There may even be a time when the two of them are both fighting for your attention.


Reduce neediness: When you only have one pug, you’re more likely to notice pug neediness. If your pug spends the whole day home alone, they’ll cling by your side for the rest of the evening in fear that you’ll abandon them again. When you have second pug, they spend the whole day playing rather than waiting by the door for you. They’ll still be excited when you come through the door, but they’ll be less likely to pester you nonstop. You’ll be able to cook, clean and go to the washroom without them by your leg the entire time. They’ll have someone to play with to keep them distracted. But when it’s time for cuddles they’ll still be all over you.

Double the love: When you have two pugs, you get double the love. Instead of having one pug to cuddle, you have two. Instead of having one pug waiting by the door, you have two. Instead of having one pug to play with, you have two. You’ll get double kisses too.

Helps heal with loss of sibling: If the reason why you only have one pug is because the other one recently passed, getting a second pug can help your survived pug cope with the loss. A death can be very hard on a pug. You’ll find that the pug does experience sadness just as you do with the loss. Getting a second pug after one has died helps prevent loneliness and sadness in your living pug. It makes the day to day life more bearable.

Because doing laundry is your favorite chore: We’re half joking with this point, however, if you have two pugs you’ll have double the pug fur all over your clothes which makes laundry a little more adventurous. Pug fur reminds you that you’re home. Besides, we wouldn’t have created a ‘Pug Hair Don’t Care’ t-shirt if we actually minded. Sure, cleaning out pug hair will be much harder with two pugs constantly cuddling up on you, but we wouldn’t change that for the world.

So if you’re wondering whether or not you should get a second pug, hopefully this list made a convincing argument for yes!




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