Drink Coffee Be Sexy Pug Mug

Royal Pugs



There are only two steps for success in life. Step One: Drink Coffee. Coffee gives you that instant pick me up that prepares you for life's challenges. It gives you the energy to tackle problems head on. It pretty much makes you a badass. Step Two: Be Sexy. With the coffee already in your system, this step pretty much comes naturally. You've got the seductiveness of a pug. Pugs are pretty much the most alluring animal ever. They're social, popular and they're always surrounded by fans. Pugs are your spirit animal, you lucky pugling. This Drink Coffee Be Sexy Pug Mug reminds you of how simple life real is. You can handle anything.


  • Dishwasher and microwave safe. Sexy people don't wash their own dishes, they have appliances for that!
  • 11 oz -- The amount you'll need to take your energy to the next level
  • The sexiest people drink coffee
  • Design: Features a fawn or black pug (your choice) lying seductively on a pillow next to a rose
  • Text: Reads 'Drink Coffee Be Sexy'