Sorry for the Mess Pug Clothes

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Whether you have a new pug puppy or one that's rather disobedient, this 'Sorry for the Mess' pug clothes tank top is sure to be rather relatable. During potty training, your pug may 'accidentally' use the washroom in the home. Maybe you had a plant on the floor which confused the pug into thinking he was outdoors, or maybe he doesn't know any better. Either way, when you finally call out your pug for the mess they made, they look to you with these sad eyes that basically say 'Sorry for the Mess.'

  • 100% combed ring spun cotton
  • 5 oz fabric
  • Color: White
  • M (11-23lbs), L (24-45lbs), XL (46-70lbs)
  • Note: Keep in mind that pugs are known for having rolls and being wider than a lot of toy breeds so if you find that your pug's weight is in one size to be safe order a size up as they'll likely grow into it
  • Design: Pug urinating on floor
  • Text: Reads 'sorry for the mess'

Please note that the graphic on this tank for pugs has been enlarged for easy visibility. The product you receive may not have the graphic in the same proportion as shown in the pictures above.