About Royal Pugs

Royal Pugs is the number one pug store for people suffering from a pug addiction. The company is run by a self-proclaimed pug addict who noticed she spent all of her spare time tagging her boyfriend in pug pictures and videos on Instagram. A few months after her obsession began she created the Royal Pugs online store.

Royal Pugs believes in helping pug addicts by providing them products for both fawn and black pugs. We also believe in producing content to better educate pug parents, like yourself, and you know entertain you with fun articles.

When it comes to our love of pugs we don't discriminate based on color, size, ability, gender or anything else that makes your pug different. We're a socially liberal brand because pugs don't discriminate against any human they interact with so we believe in reciprocating their respect.

If you ever have any questions about our pug products or just want to get some advice on how to better love your pug, you can email us at anytime at royalpugscom@gmail.com.

Thank you so much for being a part of our growing Royal Pugs community. We value and love each website visitor (yes that means you!) as much as we love pugs (and we love pugs A LOT!)