Dog Paw Pug Pillow

Royal Pugs



If you're obsessed with dogs, we don't blame you. Your addiction is completely natural. And you're definitely not alone. This Dog Paw pillow can be used for your pug to rest his or her chin on or you can use it for your decor. It's perfect for couches, bedrooms, or even shrines. It comes in a sleek black color to easy complement the decor of most rooms. The simplicity of the design is perfect for those who have multiple dogs of different breeds. We know that pugs are your favorite but you don't want the others to get jealous.


  • 18" x 18" pillow - perfect size for quick naps
  • 80% Polyester/20% Cotton Fleece - comfortable enough to sleep on
  • Concealed zipper - to prevent pugs from opening it
  • Design: Black background with white paw print pattern