Home Is Where The Pug Is Pug Mug

Royal Pugs



Life is filled with uncertainty. One thing that is certain is the unconditional love you get from your pug. No matter what curve ball life throws your way, as long as you've got your pug you'll make it through. You can change houses, move to a different country or experience other big changes. Yet, wherever you and your pug go, you'll find home. This 'Home is Where the Pug is' pug mug is representative of what really matters in life: family. Relationships fall apart and people change but the bond between an owner and a pug is unbreakable. Never forget it.


  • Dishwasher and microwave safe. Dishwasher/Microvwave + Mug = Unbreakable, Pug + Owner = unbreakable
  • 11 oz -- All you really need
  • Focus on what really matters in life, the real essentials. Let this mug be your gentle and heartwarming reminder.
  • Design: Features two fawn pugs, male and female, with a heart between them
  • Tex: Reads 'Home is where the pug is'