Me Before and After Coffee Pug Mug

Royal Pugs

$21.99 $29.99


Have you ever woken up after only a couple hours of sleep and realized it's time to go to work? You're exhausted, cranky and wanting to sleep in just another five minutes (okay, maybe another two hours). The Me Before and After Coffee Pug Mug is for people like you. You're not a morning person until you've finished your first cup of coffee. It's okay, we don't judge (mostly because we can relate). When a coworker or your boss tries to have a conversation with you, simply show him or her the pug mug and he or she will understand.


  • Dishwasher and microwave safe. Because the last thing you need is for your best coffee mug to break - or explode. Please no loud sounds in the morning.
  • 11 oz. The average cup of coffee is about 6 oz, you can almost have two 'average' cups of coffee in one perfectly sized mug. 
  • Features totally adorable pugs. When you wake up cranky after a terrible sleep, you'll want the first thing you see to be pugs. Trust me on this.
  • Note: there is one design on the left side and another on the right. It's one mug.
  • Design: features two fawn pugs: one with a serious pose and one on his back with his tongue wagging
  • Text: One side reads 'ME BEFORE COFFEE' while the other side reads 'ME AFTER COFFEE'