Pug Dance Pug Mug

Royal Pugs



Life is short. So dance in the rain, dance in the sunshine, dance with your pugs or dance alone. Make each moment count and make sure you have a blast. This Pug Dance Pug Mug features the slogan 'Dance like you've just finished your coffee' as an inspirational reminder to live life to the fullest. Most people are super tired in the morning like their pugs, but unlike pugs we're able to drink coffee to wake us right up. Live life with enthusiasm and fun whether you've had your morning coffee in you or not.


  • Dishwasher and microwave safe. (Use caution when dancing with your mug to either appliance)
  • 11 oz -- The perfect amount of coffee needed to get you ready to dance
  • When in doubt, dance your worries away with your pug
  • Design: Features a fawn and black pug dancing wth their tongues wagging
  • Text: Reads "Dance like you've just finished your coffee"