Pug Life Pug Pillow

Royal Pugs



Pugs can be pretty gangster, but as a pug owner you already know this. They're stubborn and live life on their terms. You come home from work and your pug has his leash in his mouth and you have no choice but to give him a walk. The pug is the master of the home and your heart. This Pug Life pug pillow is perfect for accessorizing a bedroom to give it an edgier feel. 


  • 18" x 18" pillow - great accent pillow
  • 80% Polyester/20% Cotton Fleece - you'll be able to nap on it
  • Concealed zipper - keeps pillow stuffing from coming out
  • Design: Fawn Pug with a red bandana and a chain around his neck on a grey background
  • Text: Reads 'Pug Life'